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Abbey Griffin Angel of Flight Alabaster Angelic Overseer Avacynian Priest Bonds of Faith Champion of the Parish Chapel Geist Cloistered Youth Unholy Fiend Dearly Departed Divine Reckoning Doomed Traveler Elder Cathar Elite Inquisitor Feeling of Dread Fiend Hunter Gallows Warden Geist-Honored Monk Ghostly Possession Intangible Virtue Mausoleum Guard Mentor of the Meek Midnight Haunting Mikaeus, the Lunarch Moment of Heroism Nevermore Paraselene Purify the Grave Rally the Peasants Rebuke Selfless Cathar Silverchase Fox Slayer of the Wicked Smite the Monstrous Spare from Evil Spectral Rider Stony Silence Thraben Purebloods Thraben Sentry Thraben Militia Unruly Mob Urgent Exorcism Village Bell-Ringer Voiceless Spirit Armored Skaab Back from the Brink Battleground Geist Cackling Counterpart Civilized Scholar Homicidal Brute Claustrophobia Curiosity Curse of the Bloody Tome Delver of Secrets Insectile Aberration Deranged Assistant Dissipate Dream Twist Forbidden Alchemy Fortress Crab Frightful Delusion Grasp of Phantoms Hysterical Blindness Invisible Stalker Laboratory Maniac Lantern Spirit Lost in the Mist Ludevic's Test Subject Ludevic's Abomination Makeshift Mauler Memory's Journey Mindshrieker Mirror-Mad Phantasm Moon Heron Murder of Crows Rooftop Storm Runic Repetition Selhoff Occultist Sensory Deprivation Silent Departure Skaab Goliath Skaab Ruinator Snapcaster Mage Spectral Flight Stitched Drake Stitcher's Apprentice Sturmgeist Think Twice Undead Alchemist Abattoir Ghoul Altar's Reap Army of the Damned Bitterheart Witch Bloodgift Demon Bloodline Keeper Lord of Lineage Brain Weevil Bump in the Night Corpse Lunge Curse of Death's Hold
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