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Admonition Angel Angelic Arbiter Arrow Volley Trap Bastion Protector Bonds of Faith Brightling Celestial Mantle Dawnglare Invoker Disciple of Caelus Nin Emerge Unscathed Fell the Mighty Forsake the Worldly Guiding Voice Irregular Cohort Luminous Bonds Patron of the Valiant Renewed Faith Seize the Initiative Sunseed Nurturer Urbis Protector Yoked Plowbeast Absorb Energy Conjured Currency Cunning Evasion Hive Mind Illusory Ambusher Lotus Path Djinn Miscast Phantasmal Form Riddleform Spellweaver Duo Whirlwind Adept Bloodthrone Vampire Chosen of Markov Deadly Allure Falkenrath Torturer Guul Draz Vampire Killing Wave Liliana of the Veil Liliana's Caress Markov's Servant Praetor's Grasp Sickle Dancer Snuff Out Vampire Lacerator Bloodfray Giant Chandra Ablaze Chaos Maw Explosive Impact Fervent Champion Fireslinger Fists of Flame Flames of the Firebrand Inescapable Blaze Kranioceros Monastery Swiftspear Night Revelers Reckless Charge Rob the Archives Soul-Scar Mage Sure Strike Thrill of Possibility Glistener Elf Knight of the Stampede Kozilek's Predator Matca Rioters Naya Battlemage Scattershot Archer Serpent's Gift Somberwald Sage Squirrel Sanctuary Assault Intercessor Dramatic Finale Soul Ransom Collected Conjuring Enigma Drake Fireblade Artist Get the Point Deathreap Ritual Deathrite Shaman Bloodbraid Elf Obscura Charm Maestros Charm Slave of Bolas Kresh the Bloodbraided Lavalanche Riveteers Charm Cabaretti Charm Mayael's Aria Brokers Charm Child of Alara Barbed Battlegear Bladed Pinions Briber's Purse Everflowing Chalice Meekstone Mind Stone Nevinyrral's Disk Night Market Guard Soulstealer Axe

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