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Embodiment of Spring Force Away Frost Walker Glacial Stalker Icy Blast Scaldkin Scion of Glaciers Stubborn Denial Ainok Tracker Barrage of Boulders Crater's Claws Dragon Grip Flamewake Phoenix Hungering Yeti Shaman of the Great Hunt Temur Battle Rage Wild Slash Arashin War Beast Feed the Clan Frontier Mastodon Heir of the Wilds Pine Walker Rattleclaw Mystic Roar of Challenge Savage Punch See the Unwritten Shamanic Revelation Temur Charger Temur Runemark Temur Sabertooth Temur War Shaman Whisperer of the Wilds Whisperwood Elemental Winds of Qal Sisma Woolly Loxodon Yasova Dragonclaw Icefeather Aven Frontier Bivouac Temur Banner Avalanche Tusker Bear's Companion Savage Knuckleblade Snowhorn Rider Surrak Dragonclaw Temur Ascendancy Temur Charm Trap Essence

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