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Kithkin Spellduster Twilight Shepherd Glen Elendra Archmage Persistent Nightmare Persistent Petitioners River Kelpie Dusk Legion Sergeant Lingering Tormentor Persistent Specimen Puppeteer Clique Putrid Goblin Furystoke Giant Thunderblust Aerie Ouphes Woodfall Primus Cauldron Haze Obstinate Gargoyle Restless Apparition Gravelgill Axeshark Murderous Redcap Rendclaw Trow Scuzzback Marauders Heartmender Kitchen Finks Safehold Elite Grazing Kelpie Trapjaw Kelpie Antler Skulkin Cauldron of Souls Lesser Masticore Night Brushwagg Ringmaster Rattleblaze Scarecrow Wingrattle Scarecrow
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