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Aegis Angel Ajani Steadfast Ajani's Pridemate Avacyn, Guardian Angel Battle Mastery Boonweaver Giant Congregate Constricting Sliver Dauntless River Marshal Devouring Light Divine Favor Divine Verdict Ephemeral Shields First Response Geist of the Moors Heliod's Pilgrim Hushwing Gryff Inspired Charge Kinsbaile Skirmisher Marked by Honor Mass Calcify Meditation Puzzle Midnight Guard Oppressive Rays Oreskos Swiftclaw Paragon of New Dawns Pillar of Light Preeminent Captain Raise the Alarm Razorfoot Griffin Resolute Archangel Return to the Ranks Sanctified Charge Selfless Cathar Seraph of the Masses Serra Angel Solemn Offering Soul of Theros Soulmender Spectra Ward Spirit Bonds Sungrace Pegasus Tireless Missionaries Triplicate Spirits Wall of Essence Warden of the Beyond Aeronaut Tinkerer Ætherspouts (Aetherspouts) Amphin Pathmage Cancel Chasm Skulker Chief Engineer Chronostutter Coral Barrier Diffusion Sliver Dissipate Divination Encrust Ensoul Artifact Frost Lynx Fugitive Wizard Glacial Crasher Hydrosurge Illusory Angel Into the Void Invisibility Jace, the Living Guildpact Jace's Ingenuity Jalira, Master Polymorphist Jorubai Murk Lurker Kapsho Kitefins Mahamoti Djinn Master of Predicaments Mercurial Pretender Military Intelligence Mind Sculpt Negate Nimbus of the Isles Paragon of Gathering Mists Peel from Reality Polymorphist's Jest Quickling Research Assistant Soul of Ravnica Statute of Denial Stormtide Leviathan Turn to Frog Void Snare Wall of Frost Welkin Tern Accursed Spirit Black Cat Blood Host Carrion Crow Caustic Tar Child of Night Covenant of Blood Crippling Blight Cruel Sadist Endless Obedience
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