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Come on guys, use your heads. This combos with stuff like Explosive Revelation, Kaboom!, Impromptu Raid, Sarkhan the Mad, Stomping Slabs, Goblin Machinist, and Galvanoth.

Is it a great card? Not really. But it has its niche and isn't terrible.

"randomly exiling cards from your deck may remove critical cards."

So run more copies of those cards if they're so critical. If your deck is so fragile that removing four random cards ruins your combo/engine, then it's not built very well, since something like Sadistic Sacrament would gut it.

"so I'm just going to increase the likelihood I'll draw Mountain over any other crappy card in my deck."

This statement is nonsense. Your likelihood of drawing lands is unaffected by this card. I'd explain more, but you seem to be trying to put this in an aggro deck, ... (see all)
Posted By: nemokara (3/11/2011 12:21:34 AM)


I own many of copies of this card, yet it wasn't until it came up on Gatherer that I realized that Naked Lunch is propped up in the background. That book is probably better off eaten by an orc, rather than being read. Although, it might be something a person who eats library paste (or otherwise ingests glue) would enjoy.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/27/2011 3:18:02 PM)


To be fair, it's not exactly a book, so much as attempted art... You know how impressionist art is really, really bad, yet it still gets hung up in museums? Well, Naked Lunch is like that. Its a pile of crap, but it makes some people feel something. "Whoa, man, that's like, deep, man."
So, probably not paste-eaters as much as eaters of the tainted brownie.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/7/2011 2:19:31 AM)


Exiling four at random has almost no net effect on you. In any given game, there are always a bunch of cards in your library that you'll never get to use. The four randomly-chosen cards will be among them, that's all. Yeah, you might end up exiling really good cards, but then again, those really good cards might have been on the bottom of your library, too.

The purpose of this card is to put the others on top of your library in any order. Put the most useful on top, and draw them. Once you've drawn the useful cards, use this guy again, and get more useful cards. This can, in fact, be a way to (almost) guarantee that you don't get any more mountains, after you have all you need.
Posted By: sonorhC (8/14/2011 11:55:45 PM)


Most of you are missing something very important, you get to put the remaining four back IN ANY ORDER. This card might as well read "tap pay a red, look at the top four cards of your library and put them back in any order". Deck sorting is something red rarely gets to do and this little orc does it early game. Just think of it as a repeatable red sage owl and you're set.
Posted By: TheOgrz (10/17/2011 6:18:21 PM)


Naked Lunch? He'd better take off his clothes when he eats that.

I am thoroughly disgusted with myself having written that. But the puns... they do not make themselves...
Posted By: Totema (1/16/2012 1:44:37 AM)


@Teotanek - Unless there's a hidden Foglio I don't know about that does art, Phil and Kaja aren't brothers...they're husband and wife.
Posted By: Alsebra (7/15/2011 4:26:24 AM)


Anyone who's seen a picture of Phil Foglio would agree that this is the closest he's come to drawing a self-portrait on a Magic card (I make this comment in loving jest; Phil is the man).
Posted By: iandustrial (8/5/2009 8:37:06 AM)


You won't find many red cards of that type, although Orcs apparently like to deal with the library.
The random removal is of course also very red flavor.
And dealing with eight cards for just one mana is simply astonishing in general :D
Posted By: Mode (8/31/2009 12:50:50 PM)


Posted By: pedrodyl (10/2/2011 2:30:18 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!