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Gving the popularity of Izzet color matching decks, a Torchling and Morphling combo and combat tricks deck would be a viable idea. Untap is very powerful ability especially coupled with cards like Leaden Fists for classic red beats. Force block is also great with cards that give deathtouch like Gorgon Flail or Basilisk Collar. A Shunt effect is more powerful than shroud as it allows me to decide where to place it. The last 2 abilities are more combat tricks than anything. Can't attack/block unless its power is equal to the number of cards in your hand - fine. Can only be blocked by creatures with power X or higher - fine. Excellent utility card.
Posted By: ZioKai (8/27/2011 6:21:15 PM)


Sure isn't Morphling in here.
Posted By: Kirbster (10/16/2010 8:36:01 PM)


Torchling is a novel idea and a good tribute to Superman (Morphling), though this does NOT make it Superman. For one thing, it's not blue. For a red beatstick, there are better creatures for 5. Sure, it has a built-in "Shunting" mechanism and can pick off targets from a distance but its simply inefficient. To get the most out of this thing, you would need excessive amounts of mana open ever turn, which is usually not a feasible option for red aggro.
Posted By: Akatosh (11/14/2008 8:54:29 PM)


I'm surprised how underwhelming this card feels considering it's so obviously a Morphling variant. I think a big part of the problem lies in not having any form of evasion, indeed going so far as to be able to force the opponent to block it instead. This makes Torchling feel, much of the time, like overpriced removal instead of an efficient creature. The best use for it, I suspect, is to use the "must block" ability on multiple creatures to push through a game-winning attack by other creatures; as I've said elsewhere, this is a powerful strategy in Limited but one of very limited use in Constructed owing to its slowness and, in this particular case, reliance on having multiple creatures out.

(50th card I've rated. Um, yay?)
Posted By: jeff-heikkinen (10/17/2009 1:38:39 PM)


I agree with 1SsqueezV1

torchling needed an evasion ability

at least thornling has indestructible and trample which is just as good as an evasion ability, although not as good as flying and shroud

at best the only good use of this card is an expensive wall that untaps.

i highly doubt you will use its target changing ability and there is not much use for it although i think it is better than shroud, shroud will last you untill the end of the turn

i would still give it 4/5 though but not as good as morphling, and i dont think it is quite as good as thornling
Posted By: Ava_Adore (1/24/2010 4:43:49 PM)


you know. to actually make it morphling quality ( which im sure was the origional intent) they should have instead made the second ability R target creature cannot block this turn. or at the very least not be able to block torchling. its just not the drop that it should be. i mean. i personally would not mind if someone brought that out on me. oh and one more thing. i like the picture. not cause it looks cool. but the morphling one you couldnt tell the picture between the people. but in this one its like hmmmmmmmmm so thats what i look like. awesome cause i never realized my hair was made out of FIRE!
Posted By: 1SsqueezV1 (11/14/2009 4:44:04 PM)


I've played him a dozen of times and not once have i activated its Shunt ability. Designers should avoid making this kind of abilities cuz it's frustrating.

On the other hand, i love the art and flavor on this guy.
Posted By: Tinkerermcmuffin (6/15/2010 8:41:31 PM)


You guys are missing the point. Torchling is in Planar Chaos, and is based off of Morphling. However, they essentially flipped it. Instead, we have an INCREDIBLE redirect engine that can use your opponent's burn and destroy spells against them. It can't be unsummoned, It essentially gives itself Vigilance for R, and it can make ANY CARD YOU WANT block it. The only thing I wish it had was that its redirect worked on abilities too.
Posted By: Orichalcon (12/7/2009 12:20:36 PM)


The change to the way combat damage works makes this card completely unplayable.
Posted By: Nagoragama (6/25/2011 4:52:54 PM)


Also remember that forcing things to block this can effectively give evasion to all your other creatures.
Posted By: sonorhC (9/2/2011 10:10:08 PM)