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Beautiful card and great flavor text. however this is an example of how good cards in the day just are not good enough, this is a battleship great back in the day, but now we like small faster creatures. no home in standard, very high choice within limited though
Posted By: Halidir_Orveck (4/27/2012 3:32:46 AM)


I don't get why they couldn't do Serra Angel, but Archangel is just as classic.
Posted By: pedrodyl (4/27/2012 9:36:53 AM)


I saw her in Visions as a Rare and was disappointed. I saw her in Avacyn Restored as an Uncommon and was wowed. She feels like a great uncommon. She's a beast in limited.
Posted By: Conefed (5/10/2012 9:41:57 AM)


Combos with 7 land.
Posted By: CAustin582 (4/26/2012 9:24:07 PM)


@Paleopaladin: In that case half of the core sets have to be redone. We have creatures from Benalia, Mirrodin, and Uthuun (wherever that is) to name a few.
Posted By: ninjaboy05 (5/5/2012 4:49:19 PM)


I'm sooo going to get flamed for this, but...

This card should replace Serra Angel in the next core set. Something referring to Serra Planeswalker is inherently world-specific. "Archangel," on the other hand, just seems to imply an angel that has more power and/or authority than his/her fellow angels.

Before you vote me down, please realize that I LOVE Serra Angel both for being a better card than this and for all the times it won games for me in limited, but I think it's about time they cleaned up the core sets and we stopped seeing world-specific stuff in them.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (5/2/2012 10:36:57 PM)


I love this card but...darn now I have to pick up both this and the really old school art b/c they're both beautiful. Would have liked a card named 'Valkyrie Archangel' that had lifelink or first strike for this amount of mana...but maybe pulling back a bit on the Spikiness of Angels with this card is a good thing. Maybe this is a 'sorry about that Baneslayer misunderstanding' from Wizards? 4 stars because it's oLd SkoOL. :D
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/29/2012 5:07:40 PM)


by far my least favorite angel
Posted By: PinkleDadandy (5/7/2012 9:40:14 AM)


It's a shame it has to cost 5WhiteWhite....probably won't see much play outside of casual......
Posted By: Ninjagod5092 (4/26/2012 6:29:13 PM)


Art stinks, and its very presence slows the entire limited format down. Not a lot of fun.
Posted By: Hanksingle (5/3/2012 10:40:30 PM)