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Four abilities on an uncommon! For the second time in Green/Blue this block!
Posted By: HuntingDrake (4/25/2014 1:44:09 AM)


I'm waiting until 12 mana to flash, monstrosity, and then get the profitable block in my Magical Christmas Land.
Posted By: Purplerooster (4/24/2014 3:03:46 PM)


Every time I read this card I'm flabbergasted at how much is crammed into it.

3GU -- Alright, that's not that bad. GU has some great options for ramping or stalling to large mana.

3/3 -- So, it's only about -1/-1 from the curve. That's fine, it probably has some good mechanics to compensate.

"Flash" -- Oh, that's the ticket. Flashing in a 3-power dude is great for some unexpected kills or a medium body before your turn.

"Flying" -- Neat, so it can both flash into a flier and flash in for some unexpected and fast three evasive damage.

"Deathtouch" --Wait what. So it literally can flash in and kill a huge number of things, including evasive ones, AND swing for three in the air for five? This has to be the last thing on the card.

Monstrosity 3. Oh. Okay.

Absolutely beautiful.
Posted By: PopcornBunni (4/27/2014 4:48:56 PM)


It's an expensive cost 5 mana for 3/3 flyer with flash and deathtouch, which is not great in an quick aggro deck, but
a brilliant late game card in control decks - when it becomes monstrious with 7 mana.
Not as strong as Stormbreath dragon in Theros for 5 mana, but it have deathtouch for defense.
A solid -UG- card in limited play with fly evasion and high pick, and it have some uses in constructed play too. An easy 4 star card.
Posted By: Melubb (4/28/2014 12:36:45 PM)


Wow. At the prerelease, this either (a) ate a kill spell, or (b) won the game.
Posted By: Twinsuit (4/28/2014 1:10:53 PM)


I'm not ephemeral; eyes glowing red, I am the end of all
Turn your heart to stone and leave you reeling up until you fall
I'm half dragon, half chicken, all killer
So strap yourself in, cause you're in for a thriller

I'm gonna catch you when you're walking alone
And stop your heart cold, smiling as I turn you to stone
So if you're brave, think twice; yes, the stories are true
I'm not a fairytale, and I'm coming for you!
Posted By: Arachnos (5/1/2014 7:58:36 AM)


Love the art and flare of this card but it dose not balance out. If they had not made this monstrous and given it a 4 toughness it would be great. There is no reason to ever pay 7 mana for just three counters. If they were to give it villagence that would work so that it would last late game. For three counters I would rather use heroic triggers. I wish this was better and will use it for casual games but that will be it.
Posted By: CountRodrigo (5/7/2014 11:22:43 PM)


I like it, but monstrosity?
monsterous was sorta a strange ability and I really didn't like when it had no triggers, just a buff.
My biggest issue was that you couldn't just cast the creature for the monstrosity cost from your hand - 7mana for a 6/6 flash flying dtouch? I'd do it
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (5/17/2014 9:08:42 AM)


Winged Coatl was good because it was fast and practically a kill spell in simic colors. This is... well its a decent flier, it can kill things and it may even survive, but its no Winged Coatl. The idea is I guess to flash it on their turn, block something small and then monstrosity on your turn.

My issue is that this card is just so much text, its just a mash of abilities. That lets it do a bit of everything, but it makes the card inelegant and honestly cost too high to do anyone any good.

The art is everything that the text box isn't. Its great.
Posted By: Enelysios (5/19/2014 5:04:44 PM)


Run this in a ramp deck, then flash him in and make him monstrous mid combat just because you can.
Posted By: P1aneswalker (5/20/2014 8:11:54 AM)


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