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This in any themed deck like merfolk, soldiers, elves, vampires etc. is brutal.
Posted By: Anggul (6/23/2010 2:50:01 AM)


The new flavor text has nothing on the old flavor text.
Posted By: sir_dwar (8/2/2010 2:48:53 PM)


I run this card in my eldrazi deck which is based on getting out eldrazi spawns then not only do u have the spawns for lands but they all get the +1/+1 benefits as well.
Posted By: Wendull (9/7/2010 2:23:20 AM)


one of my favoratist cards. I love my tokens, so in a token tribal... well 48 kor soldiers 25 scars cats, a Kemba with a Konda's banner, true conviction and this made a gain of over 8400 life in one fell swoop.
Posted By: Kindulas (2/2/2011 10:31:25 PM)


I liked the old flavor text better.
Posted By: divine_exodus (3/17/2011 11:47:16 AM)


Type your comment here.Doubtless One or that enchant that gives universal lifelink, and the game can turn around really quick.
Posted By: CigarDan (4/5/2011 5:52:43 PM)


The Chinese translation of the name of the card sucks. It reads "jacket of battle outfits".
Posted By: burntup (11/15/2011 6:22:57 AM)


Krenko, Mob Boss would benefit greatly from this.
Posted By: FatalEagle (7/31/2012 6:26:24 AM)


Yes, it's a double-edged sword, as that other elf deck could beat you with your own artifact. On the other hand, if you're not a fan of combo and control decks, this boosts the tribal subset of aggro decks enough that it might push your casual 60/4 or casual commander into the type of game you'd prefer to play. You know, if you're the type of person who desires to craft their group into what they'd prefer rather than just whine about it. Since I've never heard this card mentioned as a tool in that way, I figured I would suggest it.
Posted By: sarroth (8/10/2012 3:22:44 PM)


A fun card that backfires more often than you expect; which is what makes it so intriguing. A friend uses this in a token deck and often finds himself in odd situations where he's powering up my blue-control or my goblins, neither of which is supposed to be all that aggressive (the way i've built them at least.) But.. when you have 4 5/5's, you may as well kill something :)
Posted By: blurrymadness (2/4/2013 2:26:52 PM)


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