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An EDH with Medomai at the helm would be very interesting. If you're expecting to make use of his ability, and you should, then the deck would best be built to operate in a very unique way. That unique way is for the two turns you have each rotation to be split, and to essentially be extensions of a normal turn's phases...One turn is your combat phase/turn and the second is your post-combat main phase/turn. It's a somewhat odd means of play, but it works, and better yet, fits the flavor of Medomai...he slows down time to cause entire turns worth of time to be devoted to phases.

In non-EDH settings he's still pretty cool. A nice way to round out your curve, and who doesn't like extra turns? Plus, by the time you cast him (late game), the extra turns will have much more of an impact.
Posted By: surewhynot (10/31/2013 1:27:32 PM)


If you copy him with Sakashima, The Imposter you can potentially hit an opponent twice in a single attack, resulting in getting 2 extra turns.
Posted By: ConsoleCleric (11/9/2013 7:03:10 PM)


I won my first booster draft tournament using this card. Using it... not playing it. I used Portent of Betrayal to borrow it from my opponent. My opponent voiced his displeasure at my move, but I figure since I had used it in the first game of the match he knew the risk of playing it.
Posted By: CaptainNV (11/30/2013 1:18:37 AM)


Things to remember: He is Legendary, you can't have more than one. He can NOT attack during EXTRA turns. That doesn't mean if you flicker him he can attack again on the extra turn. ANY turn that is counted extra from your normal turn he can NOT attack on.
Posted By: Orvos (12/6/2013 11:17:34 AM)


Unfortunately (Fortunately?), most of the ideas of getting extra turns via Copies and blinking do not actually work. The card itself states that Medomais cannot attack on extra turns. So even if you get another card that gives extra turns, then play a Medomai with haste (Hammer of Purphoros, for example), it still won't be able to attack. And the idea of copying it doesn't work, since legendary rule. However, double strike works :P, although if you really had a flying 8, you don't really need an extra turn to kill your opponent
Oh god, good thing they didn't reprint that.
Posted By: 1337Noooob (12/9/2013 7:58:36 AM)


Absurd in a Rafiq of the Many EDH. Swing with Medomai and take two extra turns? And it gets even more ridiculous with Finest Hour. And so what if Medomai can't swing during those other turns - Rafiq is very capable of beating face himself, and getting potentially 4 turns and 8 attack steps to do so is usually plenty for you to win the game if you can give him a bit of evasion.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (12/12/2013 1:22:52 PM)


I have yet to loose a game in which I got this guy's ability off.
Posted By: TheKazu (1/1/2014 1:14:41 PM)


Steel of the Godhead meets it's perfect match. Then just give it the obvious double strike and some protection/shroud - well, you know. You'll be time trippin' while your friends hate you more and more. Can't wait to experiment with this guy some more. Who doesn't love Sphinxes?
Posted By: FarisV (1/2/2014 6:28:15 AM)


Vesuvan Shapeshifter can do the trick. (With a little help, of course!)

If your opponent controls the Medomai, you'll need to find a way to make the Shapeshifter unblockable. Rogue's Passage maybe. Attack, then unmorph, copying Medomai. Begin your next turn, opting to turn the shapeshifter face down again. Repeat this for infinite turns.

If you control Medomai, the easiest way to so so is with some repeatable reanimation (Reya Dawnbringer for example) or to just play Mirror Gallery. Then the process is similar to the above one.
Posted By: Ness64 (4/28/2014 2:01:15 AM)


Strionic Resonator Double strike? Extra combats??

Put a Darksteel Mutation on it and move it before combat damage but after attacking? (Aura Finesse or whatever.)

You can break it, but its still interesting if you don't. Good commander material.
Posted By: Enelysios (5/18/2014 2:36:39 PM)


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