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Players must leave game in progress as it is and use the cards left in their libraries as decks with which to play a subgame of Magic. When subgame is over, players shuffle these cards, return them to libraries, and resume game in progress, with any loser of subgame halving his or her remaining life points, rounding down. Effects that prevent damage may not be used to counter this loss of life. The subgame has no ante; using less than forty cards may be necessary.
10/4/2004 At the start of the sub-game both players draw their initial hand (usually 7 cards). If one player has fewer cards than required, that player loses. If both have fewer than required, both players lose.
10/4/2004 Events in a Shahrazad sub-game do not normally trigger abilities in the main game. And continuous effects in the main game do not carry over into the sub-game.
10/4/2004 You randomly chose which player chooses to go first or draw first.
7/15/2007 At the end of a subgame, each player puts all cards they own that are in the subgame into their library in the main game, then shuffles them. This includes cards in the subgame's Exile zone.
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