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Needs to be an Instant to be worth the high cost.
Posted By: NeoKoda (8/14/2011 1:15:21 PM)


Being some sort of reanimator card, i wonder why it needed a mana cost like that. It could have found some great use otherwise.
It's still playable in its current state, but i have to agree with davidhuman. it's by far not that interesting as it would be with a cmc of 4 or 5.
Well, the upside of this card is still that you might remove the card from any graveyard, therefore you might play against a Timmy and get to remove one of his fatties.
Posted By: Mode (8/30/2009 3:14:26 PM)


Death's Shadow !
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (2/27/2010 12:55:28 PM)


a little too expensive, maybe at four or five cmc
Posted By: davidhuman (4/27/2009 1:56:55 PM)


I don't know how I feel about this card.
Playing against one of my friends Naya decks, I got to use it on Meglonoth while I had Doubling Season out, for 12 tokens, followed next turn by Mycoloth, which was awesome.
But overall, it is more like a situational thing, and only any real use against a huge creature deck if you wanna get your mana's worth.
I chose to move my one copy to my sideboard.
Posted By: Cigarette (8/1/2009 11:43:15 AM)


Seriously... how many saprolings are they expecting us to get with this? Certainly not six mana's worth!
Posted By: Asinine-Ultimatum (5/13/2009 4:24:38 AM)


Pretty cool in casual; pretty useless otherwise.
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (11/28/2009 3:16:19 PM)


Should have been cheaper. Should have put out more saprolings. Should have been a cooler card. This is just one of those cards that should have been a lot of things, but isn't, how dissapionting.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/22/2009 2:34:13 PM)


Haha, great for my Grief Tyrant!
Posted By: movie_cultist (6/22/2009 9:49:38 AM)


Expensive, and you need to get something with a lot of toughness in a graveyard.

I'm hoping to use this on a Lord of Extinction at some point...
Posted By: Studoku (5/9/2009 9:49:24 AM)