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This card can be played as a creature if needed to deal with some early threat, but I suggest to use its cycling ability to tap or untap a permanent and draw a card in the process. It's the optional abilities that makes this card quite worthy.
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (5/6/2010 10:16:47 PM)


I wished the Sojourners abilities were come into play abilities.... except for this one. I'm ok with this one.
Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (6/25/2010 2:19:36 PM)


It's a twitch, with an alternate cost. I think it's fine.
Posted By: channelblaze (10/28/2010 6:21:53 PM)


Together with Skeleton shard, you have a repeatable, uncounterable Twitch, for 2UB on each repeat.

Even on it's own...It's twitch. I don't see the downside. The body is a bit flimsy, given the tri-color cost (See Woolly Thoctar), but on the curve if you have the mana diversity to cast it.

Overall, a nice common for someone running esper. I only wish I had more of them.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (11/30/2010 7:36:20 PM)


It's not that bad indeed.
If there should be really not much to target when the ability triggers, you could still always untap a land. This way you could effectively think of a cycling cost of 2 as well.
Posted By: Mode (8/30/2009 7:53:17 PM)


A decent body and cheap cycling make this guy ok in my book. Beautiful art as well!

Posted By: Gaussgoat (4/11/2010 6:47:08 AM)


at first i though meh, but as the cycle cost is the same as twitch, i decided not bad.
Posted By: davidhuman (4/26/2009 1:06:35 PM)


Its ok. Better than the other sojourners at least.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/16/2009 3:33:10 PM)


"Even on it's own...It's twitch. I don't see the downside"

The downside is that it's Twitch.
Posted By: scumbling1 (3/23/2011 2:32:10 PM)


well u need to have a black permanent in esper deck to make the "esperzoa-strix "lock plus it`s a 2/3 for WUB and u have cycling so why not
Posted By: Iiory (7/26/2009 4:04:19 AM)