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Nice crisp art.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/26/2012 9:09:01 PM)


Meh. Low mana cost is still way more important than lifegain.
Posted By: Zetan (4/28/2012 4:57:00 AM)


Need a third Naturalize (besides Revoke Existence)?

Well... here you are!

You're welcome, all of you EDH players!
Posted By: Ferlord (5/3/2012 8:36:30 PM)


Most of the time, I save my Naturalizes for something really nasty, which usually isn't until turn 3 or 4 anyway. For my playstyle, this is better.
Posted By: blindthrall (5/6/2012 12:28:24 AM)


The art looks like it could have been in Scars block, as the yellow lines look similar to what we see on Darksteel cards. Also, could the flavour text be referencing Elbrus and Geist of Saint Traft?
Posted By: SirZapdos (5/19/2012 3:05:34 PM)


Useful in EDH, and can be good in constructed with the Delver decks and RDW running shrines. Nets you that small amount of life to lessen the damage. In standard, you wouldn't break things until t3 anyway (Pike, Swords, Shrines).
Posted By: FoxOfEmbers (6/3/2012 3:55:42 PM)


Hm, I don't like it that much. Naturalize is better 90% of the time. Not only on turn two. Later on, beeing cheaper than natural end, it allows you to cast more expensive other spells or abilities.

For Commander though I'd use neither. I'd either use creatures with a naturalize effect tied to them, or "destroy target non-creature permanent" effects, or something with a cantrip.
Posted By: majinara (6/16/2012 3:22:37 PM)


1 of 4 enchantment killers in Avacyn.
Cursebreak is white and only deals with enchantments and is 1 less life gain for 1 less mana.
Rain of Thorns is expensive and more speciallized and is a sorcery.
Devout Chaplain is white and is an activated ability that is harder to utilize.

Both cursebreak and this are good for the cheap speed at which they work

Posted By: Speednat (4/30/2012 10:47:00 PM)


I've always appreciated staple cards printed with mild and balanced alternative effects just to give me more viable options to consider.
Posted By: The-Earth-Dragon (5/10/2012 1:28:53 PM)


There's really nothing inherently wrong with this card, it's merely a Naturalize with a Healing Salve stapled to it. That being said, I could see this being run in place of Naturalize if your opponent is playing burn. Then again, who plays burn and also runs enchantments and/or artifacts? Alright, so it's uses are somewhat Limited--still, not terrible.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (4/29/2012 8:29:02 PM)