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It's a red Careful Study with flashback, and yet it's rated lower? whaaaaat
Posted By: Continue (12/16/2012 10:42:00 AM)


Normally, for every {UR} combo deck out there, there's an insane red finisher powered by blue card filtering. This card marks the beginning of a long line of black madness/flashback/reanimator decks fueled by red card filtering.

Need to recur that Nyxathid and draw some cards? Call to the Netherworld can help you there.
Need to pay the cheaper black flashback on that Lingering Souls stuck in your hand?
Need to turn those Bloodghasts and Reassembling Skeletons into something useful?

O ye of little faith, it's time to loot and pillage.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (4/9/2012 1:16:51 PM)


A Careful Study that I get to use again? Yes please.
Posted By: Rikiaz (9/13/2012 8:56:48 PM)


It's great in current standard RDW, pitching those Chandra's Phoenixes and Thunderous Wraths that got stuck into your hand. Also lets you dig deeper for burn, and prevents getting manaflooded. All in all, it's great in RDW, and testing it in weird UWR control brew, it's great for pitching miracles that got stuck in your hand and increasing your card quality overall.
Posted By: 1maketoilets (5/6/2012 12:20:24 PM)


I need 600 copies of this card 5 years ago.

Love ya wizards for moving looting into red, and especially for this. This enables so many strategies.
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (6/3/2012 10:16:16 PM)


How is this rated lower than Careful Study?
Posted By: Numbahz (12/1/2012 12:03:40 PM)


This feels like "The hero that Gotham Deserves" for Red. This will enable Flashback, Madness, Unearth and Threshold which have all been waiting for a card in mono red to help them synergize. In standard I would like to play around with Chancellor of the Forge and looting.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/27/2012 12:48:43 AM)


one of the best red commons in a long time.
Posted By: MANABURNWASGOOD (2/3/2012 12:26:37 PM)


I don't doubt that older cards like this were useful, but I was always afraid the card "disadvantage", but when you tack on flashback it suddenly seems like a really good deal.
Posted By: A0602 (1/26/2012 8:53:01 PM)


This card kicks ass. I love that you can discard whatever cards you want after drawing, even the cards you just drew if you decide you don't like them, which gets them off the top of the deck to allow a better card through. AND it has flashback! Fantastic.
Posted By: Dolorosa (1/26/2012 7:35:02 PM)


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