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Love this card for its cost. I'm the kind of guy who likes "underpowered" cards. Like those in Kamigawa, not like Homelands. Also, the effect and flavor kicks meese.
Posted By: NeoKoda (2/26/2012 9:10:26 PM)


Made for Commander, where big stupid monsters can happily kill off their whole army... and maybe be killed in turn. Sort of a targeted Day of Judgement, but with a lot more flavor. Sadly, in most games there are far more effective ways to win, but few as funny.
Posted By: Radagast (2/7/2012 10:14:28 AM)


This card is really manly. It might not accomplish much with that CMC, but it has incredible manliness to make up for that.
Posted By: Fenix. (1/28/2012 7:13:44 AM)


@ Ferlord:

The Obliterator being targeted is still under the control of the original summoner when this goes off...as is every creature that beats on it. The spell doesn't transfer control, so the Obilterator's controller is boned if this ever happens to resolve. This trick also works with Blood Feud.
Posted By: The_Stray (2/16/2012 10:48:32 PM)


Pulled one in the PR. I'll probably put this into one of my EDH decks. Likely my Bolas deck, where I can get Chandra Ablaze to cast it for free.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (1/29/2012 5:02:37 PM)


...Okay, so they reprinted Plague Winds in red... But at a metagame where every spell past turn four is countered and you die on turn five?
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (1/27/2012 8:16:51 PM)


Essentially, "Wrath target player with the right concentration of creatures." Pretty playable in EDH or sealed.
This is a colored spell that targets.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/26/2012 4:29:24 PM)


Death touch creatures don't survive. And it should say "fights"
Damage is done, basically, all at once. being that nothing happens in-between.
Posted By: Zoah (1/31/2012 3:46:33 PM)


Why can't this cost two less? It makes Flame Wave look efficient, and Lavalanche ***es on it. Not to mention Chandra Nalaar's ultimate, which is arguably easier to pull off. Pretty much only good for Red/Green ramp.
Posted By: blindthrall (1/31/2012 4:38:05 PM)


@ Ferlord: Mr. Ironclad is correct. Alpha Brawl isn't the source of the damage, the other creatures are. You shouldn't give people false information.
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (2/25/2012 10:05:31 PM)