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Decent landfixing. Doesn't come into play tapped, but requires mana to search.. Upsides are that it can tap itself for mana and can fetch a numer of shocklands.

The Dragon-ish flavor and art is a cherry on top : )
Posted By: Pilsener (10/30/2013 2:48:57 PM)


I'd much rather have an Evolving Wilds. Not only is its ability free, it can search for more card types.

Posted By: Swag_Crow (1/25/2014 9:57:47 AM)



It can't grab shock lands, but being able to tap for colourless before it needs to fetch means it has a place in decks that have a core in one color and use the other color(s) late game. Also good for mono-colored decks that need to thin the deck of mana once a certain point is reached without giving up usable mana in the meantime.
Posted By: PopcornBunni (12/27/2013 11:56:45 AM)


Evolving Wilds can't tap for mana right away. Searching for more land types isn't useful if you put this in a deck with only red green black colors... Which you do. This isn't necessarily better but it definitely can be.
Posted By: Stuflames (2/7/2014 1:15:45 PM)