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now that, is a good card
Posted By: sliverlord5000 (9/25/2009 7:11:36 PM)



I bet that elf is thinking "I haz a cute, leetle puppy." :P

I got 'The Adventurers' intro pack cuz of Kazuul Warlord, but this guy is pretty good too. My favorite part about allies is that their ability activates when they come into play, so this guy is a 3/3 who gets a 2/2 doggie friend.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (10/2/2009 5:53:22 PM)


I can't believe poeple think an ally-deck isn't good... shure, almost no one drop, bust seriously, a friend of mine often gets multiple 10/10+ creatures against my dark removal deck... if this is not power...
Posted By: BALDOF (12/15/2009 2:53:07 PM)


It isn't bad by itself since it's a 3/3 and 2/2 body for five mana by default, and it has an interesting loop potential with cards like Artificial Evolution or Conspiracy.
But i'm not quite content yet about the Ally subtype nonetheless. They might become powerful when adding up their cip/etb effects, but none of them truly amazed me yet, i doubt such deck's power especially when regarding the lack ofone-drops for the early game.
Posted By: Mode (10/18/2009 9:24:13 AM)


There's an out of shot lolcat thinking: "u go play wiv legolas, goggie. i is keepin da sofa warm for u, k"
Posted By: mangadan (10/18/2009 5:25:26 AM)


Except in a really narrow focused elf deck with Nissa Revane and the other 2 Elf allies Joraga Bard and Tajuru Archer, I do not see this card getting much play... but in a Changeling deck look out!
Posted By: Pantheon (9/26/2009 9:52:43 AM)


New Phyrexia just gave us Xenograft.

Let their be wolves.
Posted By: kanguilla (5/5/2011 3:10:51 PM)


New Phyrexia spoilers released as of this post. Can't help but notice Species Transplantation (just google it)
Posted By: wxnbvq1 (4/5/2011 4:00:38 AM)


It irks me that this guy's template doesn't line up with other Allies', like Oran-Rief Survivalist and Graypelt Hunter.

Shouldn't it be "...you may put a +1/+1 counter on THIS. If you do, put a 2/2 green Wolf..."
Or even "...you may put a +1/+1 counter on THIS and put a 2/2 green Wolf..."

If not, WHY not?
Posted By: HuntingDrake (5/13/2012 12:14:12 AM)


It's too expensive. When all is said and done, you're only getting a vanilla 3/3 and 2/2. It would be the centerpiece of an ally deck, but honestly, how many of those are you going to see?
Posted By: Laguz (9/25/2009 11:15:21 PM)