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I've tested the atypical jund deck with flameblasts over the broodmates and I can say with the utmost certainty that I found flameblast more effective overall. Broodmate deals with removal better for obvious reasons, but that is the only edge it has. Flameblast is clearly more effective.

I really don't understand how pro players think sometimes, but then again i'm not a pro player heh.
Posted By: Laguz (11/11/2009 10:15:50 PM)


Great Dragon. Game winner
Posted By: Guest980389047 (11/13/2008 12:50:39 PM)


8/8 for six mana? Awesome!
Posted By: ALEXRyugami (11/26/2008 1:28:20 AM)


It's times like this that I wish Retribution of the Meek could be played.
Posted By: Fire_hive (4/2/2009 8:59:33 PM)


Seriously, am I gonna have to say it? Mimic Vat... your welcome
Posted By: DufexTheMagnificent (4/18/2011 9:44:59 PM)


1 of 2 creatures in shards block thats currently seeing pro play.
Posted By: thaviel (4/15/2009 6:44:25 PM)


Broodmate Dragon... I underestimated this dragon so bad. Then when I realized BW Tokens and Vengeant Lark were in such a rise among other strong aggro decks, Broodmate became a necessity. This card has very nice defensive capabilities and when once you take the reigns in any given game, the card allows you to just win.

I owe a lot to this dragon. He gets 5 stars from me. You guys have no idea how unfair this creature can be, especially when paired with a Cruel Ultimatum.
Posted By: Sleeping_Insomniac (4/18/2009 3:29:08 PM)


Minion Reflector

Now that's 4 4/4 Dragons :D And only one of them dies at the end of the turn :D
Posted By: Ezenthar (2/26/2010 11:59:30 AM)


I agree its a good card.. but I disagree thats its a great card. What's great about it is if your opponent has an immediate removal they still have a big dragon to deal with, the equivalent of an air elemental at 4/4 and flying. On the other hand, if your opponent doesn't have a removal there are much better cards, namely oona, flameblast dragon, and dragon broodmother.

Flameblast dragon for example, simply finishes a game by attacking and pumping it's x cost, where as you have to run around trying to get your dragons past your opponent with broodmate. It's better to simply end a game than get 2 big creatures but keep it going. So, still an awesome card, but I like flameblast dragon better. There are also more than one way to kill multiple creatures at the same time including lavalanche which happens to be in the same set and deals damage to your opponent to boot in the same colors as flameblast/broodmate. Then hurricane also, and arashi, and silklash spider, and windstorm, an... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/24/2009 7:43:01 PM)


Run him in a BR madness deck. Discard it early, then Torrent of Souls on it.
Posted By: blindthrall (3/10/2011 10:53:08 PM)