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One of my most beloved artworks ever.
Posted By: TexasDice (4/3/2013 3:58:30 AM)


glad this wasnt reprinted..... giant tortoise is cheaper
Posted By: Tezz (8/25/2010 1:33:21 PM)


Not one of the most interesting creatures.. I think the flavor text brags too much about a creature that has 1 power
Posted By: SwordSkill (9/20/2009 3:45:49 PM)


I honestly really like this card. It's a good defense at a low cost.
Posted By: PretzelBraids (8/7/2011 6:01:13 PM)


Even though creatures with high toughness are in blue's part of the color pie this card could've beed a lot better. Either its toghness should have been increased or it should have had an ability to go with it, such as shroud, or card draw when it enters the battlefield, or a scry ability or something.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/19/2009 6:58:48 PM)


i made a copy creature (casual) deck based around horned turtles once...

totally useless
Posted By: spoonish (7/25/2009 10:27:16 AM)


M10 absolutley ruined this card. This was my favorite flavor card "He doesn't like visitors... unless he's having them for lunch." This card is now ruined. Thanks M10 for taking all the fun out of this card and creating yet another card to throw in my massive M10 junk bin. M10 worst edition ever.
Posted By: lz17 (2/7/2010 2:48:52 PM)


Well... creatures with low power and high toughness ARE in blue's part of the color pie.
Posted By: MetalCrisis (7/12/2009 12:04:46 PM)


I gave it 2.5/5 for it's flavor text. Better defenders that do more:
Calcite snapper
Wall of Frost
Fortress Crab
Plated Seastrider
Posted By: Modernloki21 (9/13/2013 5:06:46 AM)


I'm going to make a turtle deck with 20 of these and 20 Tortoise Formation
Posted By: jhimbob (8/31/2009 7:26:03 AM)