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Nothing new, but at least you can have more red cards to control opponent creatures, not only 4 if it is the case...
Posted By: ederchan (8/5/2009 5:08:40 PM)


So they souped up Ray of Command and gave it to red (obviously they did this before with Threaten)? What did blue get in return? (tip: it had counterspell's mana cost increased by one with Cancel)
Posted By: Lege (10/16/2009 6:44:19 AM)


the art is cool ,but still nothing new ,threasen is just the same and even fits whith all the goblins around,btw Blind with anger from kamigawa is much much better then bouth together because
1.it`s an INSTANT
2.it`s arcane....u know
3.is`n that enouth....oh btw unwilling rescuit is better also ......u can make the creature stronger,much stronger
Posted By: Iiory (8/4/2009 5:36:28 AM)


Red shouldn't be allowed this.
Posted By: LeoKula (10/1/2009 8:09:15 AM)


I don't think this should have less stars than Mark of Mutiny. Also, I agree with Kitsune. Threaten= {B} ; Treason= {R} . Maybe that's part of the reason they renamed the card?

In the right deck this works quite well. There are plenty of tournament-level RDW decks that run this.
Posted By: VirtueVsVice (11/8/2009 7:53:39 PM)


Ok i undestand when you control target creature, equipment and auras becomes detached, but what happens with those auras? they just go to the graveyard?? if that's the case, Sacred Assault becomes useless against 4 of this
Posted By: Zipman (8/30/2011 8:48:45 AM)


pffft... 2R for a spell that allows you to snag one of your opponents guys and beat him with it? AND it has great art? Where do I sign up?

For truly awful antics, combine it with black and hit it with Soul Exchange after you're done killing him, LOL.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/7/2010 5:19:18 PM)


More Ooze Garden bait.
Posted By: thezanet (2/25/2010 11:32:51 AM)


Ya know, at first I was mad I got two Sarkhan the Mad. Then I remembered this guy.
Posted By: blindthrall (4/29/2010 2:50:56 AM)


OMFG that is the best art ever! An angel with red eyes about to strike a human in the back, simply awesome! The effect is nice too 5/5!
Posted By: Sironos (5/5/2010 2:07:36 PM)