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I wouldn't mind a playset of this in a knight deck.
Posted By: MrDandyLion (1/8/2011 8:50:29 AM)


This guy is a beast. Even in a mono white deck he is 3/4 with lifelink for 3White. Along with Ondu Cleric, you can gain a lot of life in an Ally deck.

@kronos539 I believe Lifelink was once stackable, but it stopped with the M10 rules changes. Still if you had say two Spirit Links on a creature, they would stack because that ability is not exactly Lifelink.
Posted By: JFM2796 (8/1/2011 11:12:22 AM)


I'm building a Knight deck, and this might actually get a spot in it. Since it's a rare, it might even be a singleton (Im not made of cash.) Yeah, a singleton ally with no other allies in the deck is, like, blasphemous right? Knights are a strongly enough supported tribe that the ally stuff is just gravy.
He's a four-mana 3/4, plus whatever stupid wreckaging things I choose to power him up with. Knight Exemplar seems like a good idea. :)

If this is good enough to play singleton in a deck for his other tribe, then he's auto-include for dedicated allies. Don't even try to pretend otherwise.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/7/2011 8:57:59 PM)


correct me if i'm wrong, but lifelink is cumulative. that means this guy on board with a Join the Ranks would give all allies DOUBLE LIFELINK. we may need a ruling from the brass on this one. either way, great 3-of in the 4-drop slot for allies, would come in handy if you're struggling on turn 4-5.
Posted By: kronos539 (6/26/2010 4:13:24 AM)


*sigh*. Allies would have been such an amazing tribe if they didn't snap-lose to Wrath.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (8/29/2011 7:24:24 PM)


The Talus Paladin is a very powerful and useful ally. Outside of allies, he is essentially useless, as are most of them (except for the Kazandu Blademaster). There are far better white cards for 4CMC, hence the lower rating. He is also a bit expensive to play, but once he is on the battlefield, he is a formidable force. Along with Kabira Evangel he can essentially make an unblockable- lifelink attack as well as ramping up any other ETB abilities of other allies. And the gaining +1/+1 counters is very useful, making him bigger as the game goes on. However, I find that by the time I play him I've used up most of my other allies and often have to draw one unless i save a Join the Ranks for last. White has always been the best color for life gain, and him plus an Ondu Cleric or two just reinforce that. I've been at 50+ life sometimes with my mono-white allies deck, since they can attack with lifelink and no... (see all)
Posted By: CorkBulb (7/14/2012 2:43:15 AM)


Pump plus Lifelink, sure, but does he bone?
Posted By: CatParty (4/19/2014 11:46:25 PM)