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A very underestimated card. The "it's for this!" or "it's for that!" crowd don't seem to understand the concept of a card being versatile. Skaab Ruinator and friends want you to use this card to stock your graveyard. Undead Alchemist wants to you mill your opponent to create more tokens.
Posted By: SkaerKrow (12/16/2011 5:53:59 AM)


Half of the time, i'm probably gonna use it's ability on myself.
Posted By: TwoStars (9/25/2011 9:04:05 AM)


I'm not going to judge this card until I've seen more of the block. Blue or Black self-milling may be a valid strategy, I'm just not seeing it yet. So this card gets points for options (opposed to "Target opponent puts three...")

For anyone that wants to see the whole cycle:
Gavony Township
Kessig Wolf Run
Moorland Haunt
Nephalia Drownyard
Stensia Bloodhall
Posted By: OmegaSerris (9/25/2011 12:55:59 PM)


For a coastal disaster, I was expecting a lot more Glistening Oil
Oh no I didn't! :D
Posted By: Splizer (10/25/2011 2:35:11 PM)


Why is this rated so low? This is uncounterable instant speed mill, and considering the direction R&D is going with land destruction, pretty much safe from your opponent.

There are actually decks in which this card is THE win condition.
Posted By: Fenix. (1/10/2013 5:15:07 AM)


I was going to say something about this card, but then I saw a comment where someone didn't close their parenthesis. And I raged.
Here you go.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/19/2012 4:16:17 PM)


Much better than the Dimir guildhall, which does the same thing except for one less mana and it only mills for one.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (9/23/2011 1:57:08 AM)


@Gabriel422 If you're using this in a mill deck, you're doing something horribly wrong. This is to put stuff into YOUR graveyard (see Stitched Drake or Skaab Ruinator for obvious reasons why you'd want this, and for less obvious reasons, see Haunting Misery.
Posted By: Condor_96 (9/26/2011 9:53:25 PM)


@Henrietta: Forgive the following rant, but I kind of DO think Duskmantle, House of Shadow is strictly better to own. :P You might not be a Vorthos, but back in the good old days of Ravnica, MOST (I will not hyperbo-lie and say ALL), Mill decks were run by, casual or pro, dedicated Conspirators of House Dimir (Vorthoses. Because it was just so FUN =D)

Read the text on Glimpse the Unthinkable and Duskmantle, House of Shadow again. No, not the boring old rules text that just says 'win evilly.' I mean the flavor-drenched goodness of ITALICS. Before you say 'oh but Nephalia Drownyard plays stronger!' if you're looking for cards that play stronger, every single effect in the game has a nuts-bonkers O.P. version from waaaay back in the Old Times of Alpha-Urza's Saga block. Given that, power is not the only consideration for a card's goodness as just a quality all-around design.

Sure, Innistrad might be billing itself ... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/14/2011 10:07:10 PM)


This card is horrible for a dedicated milling deck - four mana for three cards is a joke. You have to be able to mill A LOT faster than that. At any rate, there's no reason this card should be rated lower than Duskmantle, House of Shadow. Being able to mill three cards a turn is significantly better than being able to mill one card a turn for the decks that want tat type of effect, and is more than worth an extra colourless mana.
Posted By: Henrietta (10/18/2011 6:01:30 AM)