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Everything is become Jackal Pup!
Posted By: the_sixth_degree (1/27/2012 8:06:11 PM)


In most cases, Ragged Vein is better. But, there is one difference (besides flash), the creatures deal the damage with Spiteful Shadows. Imagine Phage the Untouchable, infect cards, or Undead Alchemist.
Posted By: ilovealara (1/27/2012 12:54:59 PM)


This is very similar to Ragged Veins which does almost the same thing but can be flashed in for surprise victories.

However, there is a subtle difference between the two. Ragged Veins causes the controller to lose life. Spiteful Shadows causes the creature to damage it's controller. This is relevant on cards like Phyrexian Obliterator (which is in a whole different league than this card) and would cause both players to sac permanents.

I think it's best application is to be placed on a wall which is almost the same as removing it with something like Doom Blade (which is useful more often).
Posted By: A0602 (1/26/2012 6:59:11 PM)


I actually like this, combine it with cards that only burn creatures and it's actually pretty decent, such as into the maw of hell, or useful with Chandra's outrage. Not a perfect card by any means, and there are better alternatives (Ragged Vein), but it has it's uses. 3/5
Posted By: doombladez (2/25/2012 1:12:26 PM)


I use this with blasphemous act and early control of creatures i dont like with doomblade or go for the throat and incinerate and then use fireballs copied with increasing vengeance and then alpha brawl cause i mostly control the game till i get the mana for it and i pick the enchanted creature to be the alpha lol...then i control the rest of the game with chandra and then win either with the first combo...also another fun one against inkmoth nexus is spiteful shadows with curse of the bloodletting out...double source damage then i blow up your inkmoth...just for fun and kill u with into the maw of hell...thats my red black control...and new school burn deck....
Posted By: beastofburden (2/8/2012 5:56:44 AM)


Combos well with blasphemous act :) Oh you want to play lots of creatures ok well. I'll just put this here. Oh ok my turn, I'll kill all your creatures and do 13 damage to you. Have a nice day. This has some nice combos. Also combos well with infect. Oh you block my Blighted Dragon well now you take 5 infect anyway.
Posted By: NinaNinja (1/27/2012 9:39:02 AM)


I guess you can put it on a Defender as a sort of "I DARE you to block me" kind of thing? I guess?? What a strange and ridiculous card...
Posted By: Dolorosa (1/26/2012 7:18:21 PM)


This is pretty good in a sufficiently aggressive Limited deck. Granted, I'd rather play actual removal over this, but sometimes being able to pretend your blocked creature is a Rhox is all you need to close out the game.

Not really playable outside of limited unless you're going in for Blasphemous Act shenanigans or the like, but it has its uses.
Posted By: Artscrafter (2/19/2012 2:01:58 PM)


This card is so narrow that it makes no sense.
Posted By: majinara (2/15/2012 9:58:25 AM)


So you're making a horror set, but you don't reprint Binding Agony?
Posted By: garbagegatherer (3/7/2012 7:57:05 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!