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I know this won't see standard for a while (if ever again,) but it'd fit so flavorfully into Theros. :(

One of the classics.
Posted By: tagonizer (10/30/2013 9:13:25 AM)


The idea is that you play Tempting Wurm before and let your opponent go without much of a hand for the rest of the game. Even better if you focus onplaying things other than creatures, like counterspells.
Posted By: BagOfBags (1/14/2014 2:20:35 PM)


Bad card. Why would you go through all the trouble of playing creatures only to have them destroyed by none other aut... (see all)
Posted By: Swag_Crow (1/13/2014 3:43:59 AM)


@DarthParallax, the term "god" is of Nordic and/or Germanic origin, and is in no way a hebrew word. The Greek gods were essentially sociopathic man-children with no proper sense of consequence, which from a mortal's perspective is rather frightening... The texture of names aside. A monosyllabic, guttural sounding title-esque name might intensify the intimidation factor, yes. Nevertheless, the Lovecraftian pantheon trumps the Judeo-Christian god in terms of the sheer terror of their being imho. This is especially the case given that the Judeo-Christian god is considered compassionate and otherwise fair in the punishment department by (devout) human standards, while the Lovecraftian gods are quite the chaotic entities and fall utterly short of human intellectual compatibility. Again, this is entirely opinion. Perceptions differ from person to person.
Posted By: Mootaco (2/11/2014 6:42:19 AM)


This card needs no flavor text. The name, art and effect say absolutely everything you need to know.
Posted By: Arachnos (2/13/2014 1:38:17 PM)


I kinda like that Wrath of God doesn't destroy any of the Gods.
Posted By: Kirbster (3/2/2014 2:58:02 PM)


Ghostway works well with Wrath of God. Remove your creatures from the game then destroy all creatures. At the end of turn, your creatures come back into play.
Posted By: chuckitup (4/25/2014 4:47:53 PM)


Worldfire and Oblivion Manabarbs is a better combo than a Wrath of God Oblivion'd creatures.

Failing that, there's the Opalescence and Parallel Lives-Followed Footsteps with Wake the Reflections if you wanna go the other direction. With added Humility for the lulz.
Posted By: Yodha (4/30/2014 7:07:32 AM)