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This dude rocks some socks off, the only downside to Mr. Dragon here is that you have to be playing 3 colors, too bad it isnt green so you can just fudge the BR part of its mana cost. :P
Posted By: Shoe2 (11/14/2008 1:12:12 PM)


uncountered,this has never lost me a game. So many things to do with this guy,very versatile.
Posted By: CptAwsm (6/4/2009 2:03:08 PM)


About the only fat monster in Alara block I would actually have any interest in running. I'm not into big creatures and they have to do a lot while remaining somewhat 'fair' to impress me - but six mana for eight flying power with no inbuilt protection nails that absolutely bang on.
Posted By: stygimoloch (6/23/2009 10:51:50 PM)


Powerful. Expensive, but powerful.
Posted By: Treima (5/8/2009 8:15:58 AM)


I go first:
My turn 6 Flameblast Dragon, 5/5 for 6 mana.
Your Turn 6, Brodmate Dragon, 2 4/4's for 6 mana, you think it's game...
My turn 7, swing with Flameblast, pay 5 mana, kill 1 toekn with the damage you block, oh dear bye bye brrodmate

In short, Flameblast is better
Posted By: SStopher (9/30/2009 10:16:55 AM)


Vance Does Some Awesome Dragons And Has For The Card Absoloutley Beneficial Man Shards Has The Best Dragons Ever In A Block Easily They Are All So Powerful
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (10/6/2010 1:09:15 PM)


It's card like these that made me glad when Jund rotated out. That multicolour cycle made boosters very bad, since each card only fit in certain special decks, and jund had too many overpowered cards with regard to effect compared to CMC. 2 flying 4/4's for 6 CMCis too much. Glad I don't have to face jund decks in standard anymore.
Posted By: Sironos (12/16/2010 5:50:20 AM)


Dark Ritual and Rite of Flame and Forest and a Swamp and a mountain puts this out turn 3
Posted By: Bass1987 (6/4/2011 10:14:37 PM)


For 5 mana, you get Fusion Elemental, an 8/8, and that's pretty good for vanilla creatures, tbh. Mono-Green is creeping up to beat that old impressive 5-drop, but it'll be a while before he's actually obsolete. Broodmate Dragon is essentially an 8/8 for 6 six mana, -with flying-, that's more splashable than Fusion Elemental.

Certainly this was incredibly impressive from Alara Block through M11, though the Mythic Titans sort of shame it. If you're looking for a 'GoodStuffs' Creature and don't want to feel like a cheap jerk with Baneslayers and Thragtusks, but you need WAY more power these days than a piddly little Serra Angel, Broodmate Dragon is going to be a staple as a Creature Finisher in Control Decks for a LONG time.

Even after it appears it'll get Power-Creep crushed to death, the fact that it's two creatures, not one, is relevant enough to give it a longer lease on playabi... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/3/2013 6:19:20 AM)


Oh my god, a playable dragon in standard! Everybody hit the deck!
Posted By: spectermonger (3/29/2010 8:24:14 PM)