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Yes there is a nasty combo with Zameck Guildmage's, infinite undying and a draw for UG...
A friend of mine was playing with these two fellows and i said "clevered one" than he responded "wow i did not play them both on purpose". shame.
Posted By: MojoVince (4/29/2013 1:27:36 PM)


This, not Geralf's Messenger, is the 'Kitchen Finks clone'. It's fast. It's mean. It's green.

Geralf's Messenger is of course a great card- but at BlackBlackBlack, you have to worry about him a lot less than this.

Llanowar Elves, just to name the most obvious thing. Of course, Birds of Paradise is also a good option, and invalidates Superllama's comment. I could see a deck with this and BoP being the only 'true' green cards, with Birthing Pod and (insert dumb stuff here).
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/7/2012 1:40:31 PM)


Turn 2 Geist, wait to attack
Turn 3 attack, let it die and come back, 3 Hunger of the Howlpack
Have fun with your 11/10, I know i did at that tournament :)
Posted By: knight3607 (4/18/2013 3:03:34 PM)


Ion Storm. That is all.
Posted By: RedArcher (1/30/2012 11:55:52 PM)


Hunger of the Howlpack with this guy makes a sweet combo for a beatstick in the early and mid game. the haste for green is quite rare, and always worth the effort to try and sneak it for extra damage with an instant combat booster in the late game.
Posted By: MasterBlaster74 (2/1/2012 7:08:38 AM)


This + Corpsejack Menace + Hunger Of The Howlpack

For 3, 10/9 haste by Turn 5.
Posted By: zzxyyzx (12/12/2012 8:01:55 PM)


No, it can't attack again.

The combat step is broken down into phases. Basically, one of the steps is the 'declare attackers' step, and at that step, you simultaneously choose each creature that is going to attack (as in, you can't say 'I attack with creature A', and then after they block say 'I attack with creature B'). For that reason, if creatures have already attacked, any new creature that enters the battlefield will not be able to attack that turn.

Another reason that it should work like this is that creature with vigilance would do infinite damage. There is nothing that state a creature can attack only once during a turn. The only limiter is that single 'declare attackers' phase. That's why cards like world at war don't say 'each creature can attack again this turn'. It just says 'there is another combat step this turn'.
Posted By: SAUS3 (7/26/2013 9:30:11 AM)


This card is nice. It starts right away on T2 chipping at there life-points, and early on he trades//takes out mostly anything, and them comes back with a vengeance. Incredibly efficient card.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (3/5/2012 1:49:06 PM)


Returns to the field even stronger thanks to Storm Crow.
Posted By: filmfanaticryan (2/4/2012 8:48:26 AM)


Ooze flux
Unlimited lives and spammable tokens
add ooze flux with parallel lives
thats my green deck in a nutshell
Posted By: mandalorekilstar (4/4/2013 10:30:37 PM)