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Wrath of Gods giant white nut.
Any card that appears 4 times in every campionship deck ever should be good right?
Well it is, but its also incredibly annoying. Having the board whiped over and over and being attacked by 1/1s is not a fun way to lose and shouldn't be inflicted on anyone.
Posted By: psyklone (1/20/2010 4:05:24 PM)


Great c.l.a.s.s.i.c.
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/8/2010 12:34:58 AM)


As has been said before, one of the most iconic cards in all of magic. No others even comes close but Volcanic Hammer and Counterspell.

On a side note:
Too bad for poor Wrap in Vigor that it'll probably never be in the same standard environment as Zendikar's Day of Judgment. Oh well.
Posted By: Dark_Raider (9/22/2009 11:30:37 AM)


@ Dingo777, Progenitus can't be targeted by anything, but Wrath of God doesn't have a target, it just blows everything up. I like it but i would say, just strictly because of its flavor text, Day of Judgement> WoG. I would rather risk having my opponents regen but have a Sorin Markov quotation than wipe the field clear and not have Sorin. It's one of the only two cards with a quotation from him on it so that makes it pretty awesome.
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (1/21/2010 8:23:35 PM)


@BastianQoU: Phyrexian Rebirth?
Posted By: C5r1a5z0y (6/12/2011 7:52:32 PM)


Forget day of judgment. I hope WoTC reprints this in m13.
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (9/11/2011 10:14:34 PM)


Is an indistructible creature immune from Wrath of God and Damnation?
Posted By: Rocchio (1/14/2012 10:17:26 AM)


These three words ring out to all Magic players.
Posted By: Soul_Shackle (7/23/2009 12:04:50 PM)


The only M10 change I'm unhappy with is the removal of Wrath of God. Why did they do it? And we didn't even get Hallowed Burial as replacement, we got Planar Cleansing. :(
Posted By: Rainyday2012 (7/27/2009 7:05:53 PM)


do you think removal would have become a part of white's color pie if there wouldn't have been cards like this one since alpha?
Posted By: Mode (12/31/2008 6:03:42 AM)