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Multiple copies make things pretty interesting. Yeah, with two of these on the field you could summon a grave titan for BlackBlack, but he'd just be a 4/4 with deathtouch.

Wait, a 4/4 with deathtouch for only BlackBlack? Even that's pretty awesome.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (9/23/2011 8:42:54 AM)


Sooo - anyone still play Bad Moon or so? :D

This is gonna get broken from here to Hammerheim...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/23/2011 1:54:22 PM)


Just bought me a playset. I'm thinking Mono black Artifact Storm?
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (9/23/2011 4:32:47 PM)


I see this with Mentor of the meek being really good.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/23/2011 7:00:28 PM)


It's like Blood Funnel for creatures... - except totally awesome!

So many shenanigans... just get some cards that provide card advantage like Glimpse of Nature,Mentor of the Meek, Vedalken Archmage or Fecudity.

Then throw in some artifact creatures (like Myr Superion or Perilous Myr) or otherwise cheap or mana-producing creatures (like Dusk Urchins, Wolfbriar Elemental, Priest of Gix, Priest of Urabrask, Coalstroker, Emrakul's Hatcher) and get started with lots of Heartless Summonings.

Or you could always buff your creatures to offset the -1/-1, e.g. with Master of Etherium, Adaptive Automaton, Gallow's Warden, Veteran Armorer or autocard... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (10/1/2011 2:35:15 AM)


The glissa+perilous myr combo only works if your opponent has creatures with toughnes 2 or less, though I'm sure that someone will figure out another set of cards that can go infinite with this. In standard I don't see this being broken, it'll probably see play in black decks with aggressive abilities. Skinrender for 2, Morkrut banshee for 3, sheoldred for 5.
Posted By: Amnesigenic (10/1/2011 11:28:36 AM)


{4} for a 5/5 that brings back three drops vigiliantyl/creates 1/1 zombie creatures and kills what it touches/taps a permanent for this turn and the next and soaks up mana to remove/fetches you two lands and tramples/hits up two three things for three divided and firebreathes when it enters the battlefield AND swings is PRETTY damn broken.
Posted By: gtamaster503 (11/15/2011 6:56:03 PM)


Two of these will allow you to cast a 4/4 Titan for 2 mana.
Posted By: shocksaver (11/16/2011 3:23:58 AM)


Grinning Ignus + this + mentor of the meek = you are probably going to get that fireball
Posted By: pjlizard (11/28/2011 8:42:42 PM)


This curves wonderfully into Bloodgift Demon

Or a turn 2 Dark Ritual then this followed by Abyssal Persecutor in casual. It's a good time.
Posted By: SuicidalTendancies (11/29/2011 9:32:27 PM)