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Posted By: ToAsTy42o (3/29/2012 7:44:58 PM)


I'm surprised that no one else has caught onto the insanity inherent in teaming this guy up with Kresh the Bloodbraided. Kresh's buff depends on the power of the creature at the moment it went to the graveyard. Hey, you remember those 10 Saprolings from Mycoloth I just Devoured? Moonveil Dragon just buffed them by RedRedRedRed. They were 5/1s. And Kresh just gained 50 +1/+1 counters.
Posted By: 4wolf359 (2/25/2012 7:33:09 AM)


In less than 1 year, Moonveil Dragon and Mana-Charged Dragon have made Shivan Dragon obsolete. That was a great 15+ year ride for Shivan Dragon.
Posted By: TheMern (1/28/2012 7:02:47 AM)


Six mana...
Posted By: MasterofEtheriurn (1/10/2013 10:00:30 AM)


Why, wizards?
Why would you make any card this stupidly powerful? In the right hands...
Hell, in the wrong hands this thing is dangerous. Get a player who knows what they're doing, and BAM. Suddenly dragons take over the whole game.
...Okay, it really isn't that bad, but for fucks sake this thing is just stupidly powerful. Red to boost ALL of your things? WHAT?
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/14/2012 5:38:22 PM)


WHAT?!? A dragon with a +1/+0 effect?? Ha, BRILLIANT!! We've only seen that on 9,864,792 other dragons before! But this one can actually give all 9,864,792 of them +1/+0... Sorry.. We thought you'd like it.. We were just trying to be thoughtful.. Now have some more SHA-LOPPY JOES BIATCH!
Posted By: Mike-C (4/1/2012 6:16:56 AM)


This is going into my Karrthus EDH deck.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (2/1/2012 5:04:33 PM)


This is a tad different from the epic dragons Todd Lockwood has made in the past, like Rith, the Awakener and my personal favortie card of all time, the originally celebrated curiously strong Niv-Mizzet This is going to be telling about what else I've been doing on the internet, but this dragon honestly looks like something that would be doing battle with an indigenous sextet troop from a plane populated primarily by equines. And yet even considering that, the level of awesome hasn't been decreased in the slightest... in fact, I'd say the quota for it's excellence as been increased by a margin of approximately one-fifth.

Did anyone see what I just did thar?

Anyway, upon seeing this, the Timmy in me had a heart attack, and the Johnny in me had a mental breakdown from a mind reeling with the possibilities. Firebreathing for all! How could you not go wrong with that?

She does eat up a lot of red mana though, so it'd be a real stretch to put h... (see all)
Posted By: DaMaster012 (2/22/2012 6:33:33 PM)


Firebreathing for all of my creatures? Yes. Firebreathing for all of my DRAGONS? OMFG YES!!!
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (2/25/2012 12:08:29 AM)


I was planning to make a R/U deck based around unblockables. Then this thing came around. I am SO running 4 copies of this.

"Okay, I pay {RRRR} and attack with my four Invisible Stalkers and hit you for 20 damage total. Good game!"
Posted By: Dragonmaster3.0 (2/29/2012 2:29:39 PM)