Aaaah... Odyssey Block. My kindergarden of Magic :) Cards like Psychatog and Wildmongrel paired with ridiculous mechanics like madness, threshold and flashback were fantastic to teach me card advantage.

Therein lies the power of the Tog: your cards go a LONG WAY to feed him! And black-blue control was stupid powerful at the time. Tog, Circular Logic (or Counterspell, now that I think of it), FACT OR FICTION, Innocent Blood, Chainer's Edict, Undermine, Shadowmage Infiltrator... the list goes on! Good times.

So boring to play though. Spend the first turns saying "No" to your opponent, Upheaval, Tog, Win. Ugh. I played Blue-Green Madness myself. FIRST TURN: Careful Study, Two Rootwallas. WOOT!