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Yeah, his ability is very powerful.
But it's so lackluster from a mechanics point of view. If WotC really feels the need to print a dragon in every set, they should at least make them interesting. The artwork is beautiful though.
Posted By: pedrodyl (2/29/2012 6:24:23 PM)


Thalia's used to making unpopular decisions. Her decisions will be proven right by an ARMY OF FIREBREATHING GOBLINS. Goblins are living, right?
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (3/11/2012 9:45:23 PM)


I JUST noticed that Balefire Dragon actually can combo with this. How odd?

I mean, it's not like an amazing combo like Splinter Twin and Midnight Guard (which replaced Deceiver Exarch), but I'd totally throw both in together in a mono red deck.

Although, if you were to go on my logic, pretty much any creature could combo with Moonveil...
Posted By: Ferlord (3/21/2012 2:02:54 PM)


Hm. Kinda seems like 3WhiteWhiteWhite would have been an acceptable cost for the 5/5 Baneslayer Angel, doesn't it?

Look closely at the dragon wings in both Moonveil and Balefire.
Posted By: humor_love (3/26/2012 2:43:23 PM)


Why do I get the feeling that this is Balefire's sister or something? I was astonished to discover that they don't have the same artist.
I love the art on both cards, though, so I'm not complaining.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (4/9/2012 7:14:42 PM)



Posted By: Arachnos (4/9/2012 10:54:30 PM)


@ ThisisSakon: that's correct assuming you ignore Wolfbitten Captive, Skirsdag Flayer, Scorned Villager, Hinterland Hermit, Deranged Outcast, and Beguiler of Wills
Posted By: imsully2 (4/14/2012 12:49:26 PM)


Well Put Wulfsten, I agree with you

This card is made of 100% bad-a$$ ownage.

Posted By: pau3r (4/16/2012 8:21:24 PM)


If I have two Monveil Dragons out at same time and tap 4 mana do all my dragons get +8 +0?
Posted By: JimmyKattan (4/28/2012 9:28:32 PM)


I love the stained-glass wings on the Innistrad dragons. This is what Mythics were meant to be.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/6/2012 11:04:50 AM)