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Accumulated Knowledge Adarkar Windform Aethermage's Touch Alabaster Wall Allay Alpha Brawl Anurid Barkripper Attunement Aura of Dominion Auriok Salvagers Balance Baleful Stare Ballynock Trapper Bant Charm Battle Screech Benalish Emissary Brazen Freebooter Brilliant Halo Burgeoning Call the Skybreaker Call to Arms Call to Heel Chain of Silence Cheap Ass Chorus of Woe Cinder Wall Cloud Spirit Cloudhoof Kirin Cold Snap Congregation at Dawn Conquer Consuming Bonfire Counsel of the Soratami Court Archers Crime // Punishment (Crime) Crumbling Sanctuary Curfew Dakmor Scorpion Dance of the Dead Darkblast Dead Weight Deadly Insect Dingus Egg Disruptive Student Dive Bomber Dryad's Caress Earthcraft Electrostatic Bolt Face to Face Faith Healer False Demise Fell the Pheasant Fight or Flight Fire-Belly Changeling Flaming Sword Flashfires Floodwater Dam Fugue Furor of the Bitten Ghostly Flame Ghoulcaller's Chant Giant Fan Giant Mantis Giant Spider Gideon's Avenger Grimoire Thief Grizzled Outcasts Gruul Guildgate Guildpact Informant Haunted Cadaver Hill Giant Hour of Reckoning Hungry Hungry Heifer Hypnotic Cloud Impromptu Raid Infuse Inspiring Cleric Instrument of the Bards Invert the Skies Island Kaijin of the Vanishing Touch Karplusan Forest Keldon Firebombers Krallenhorde Wantons Leonin Bladetrap Llanowar Sentinel Lotus Blossom Lowland Basilisk Loxodon Mystic Magus of the Tabernacle Martyr of Sands Maw of the Obzedat Mazemind Tome Melting Mesa Enchantress Mire Shade Mishra's Groundbreaker Mistform Stalker Mnemonic Sliver Mosquito Guard

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