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Aberrant Researcher Alive // Well (Alive) Amoeboid Changeling Arc Runner Baleful Strix Bartizan Bats Battle Hymn Blackcleave Goblin Blastoderm Blighted Bat Blightsoil Druid Bone Splinters Boneyard Lurker Brazen Wolves Briarhorn Brute Strength Burn Trail Cairn Wanderer Call of the Full Moon Captured Sunlight Catacomb Crocodile Catacomb Slug Chancellor of the Spires Chant of the Skifsang Corpseweft Corrupted Harvester Cosmos Charger Coursers' Accord Cower in Fear Dark Betrayal Deadbridge Shaman Death Baron Death Wind Deathless Ancient Delver of Secrets Deranged Assistant Deranged Outcast Docent of Perfection Drogskol Shieldmate Druid of Horns Dungeon Geists Elderwood Scion Evangel of Heliod Everdream Eyes Everywhere Fastbond Felhide Brawler Festerhide Boar Fetid Imp Fiery Bombardment Final Iteration Fodder Launch Frontier Mastodon Fume Spitter Garruk's Packleader Gaze of Granite Gilder Bairn Glarewielder Glimmer Bairn Glissa's Scorn Grave Titan Gravepurge Grindclock Grixis Battlemage Grixis Panorama Harvest Gwyllion Haunting Echoes Henchfiend of Ukor Herald of the Host Hideous Visage Hold at Bay Hornet Harasser Howling Wolf Hunger of the Howlpack Illness in the Ranks Illusory Demon Impaler Shrike In Oketra's Name Inescapable Brute Inexorable Blob Insatiable Appetite Insatiable Gorgers Insectile Aberration Island Last Breath Locthwain Gargoyle Lucid Dreams Ludevic's Abomination Ludevic's Test Subject Lurebound Scarecrow Merciless Javelineer Minions' Murmurs Moan of the Unhallowed Mortify Mountain Necrobite Necrotic Hex Niblis of Dusk Night Market Lookout Nighthowler

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