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Aetherize Athreos, God of Passage Biovisionary Blisterpod Turn // Burn (Burn) Carnage Gladiator Collateral Damage Commune with Lava Life // Death (Death) Death's Presence Greenside Watcher Grim Guardian Grudge Keeper Guildscorn Ward Hunt the Hunter Keeper of the Lens Knight of Obligation Life // Death (Life) Loxodon Smiter Magmatic Insight Market Festival Megantic Sliver Misthoof Kirin Mutant's Prey Phenax, God of Deception Pheres-Band Raiders Pinion Feast Polymorphous Rush Protect // Serve (Protect) Rakdos Cackler Rakdos Ragemutt Remorseless Punishment Riptide Chimera See the Unwritten Protect // Serve (Serve) Spike Jester Stoke the Flames Sultai Skullkeeper Tarmogoyf Tempt with Vengeance Thrashing Mossdog Tower Drake Turn // Burn (Turn) Vandalize Volcanic Rush Wavecrash Triton Wight of Precinct Six
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