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Abrupt Decay Academy Drake Adanto, the First Fort Aetherwind Basker Ajani's Pridemate Anger Angler Drake Apex of Power Arbiter of the Ideal Awaken the Bear Awoken Horror Balan, Wandering Knight Beamsplitter Mage Befuddle Bladeback Sliver Blisterstick Shaman Bloodrite Invoker Bolt Bend Boon of Emrakul Bristling Boar Broodhunter Wurm Built to Last Built to Smash Carrion Feeder Cathar's Companion Chain of Vapor Challenger Troll Champion of the Parish Cinder Elemental Clone Legion Collective Blessing Consuming Fervor Crater Elemental Crippling Chill Cruel Finality Crypt Incursion Cryptic Cruiser Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast Daring Demolition Dark Remedy Dead Reckoning Decimator of the Provinces Deep Freeze Desiccated Naga Devour in Flames Down // Dirty (Dirty) Disdainful Stroke Domri's Nodorog Door to Nothingness Down // Dirty (Down) Dragonshift Dread Return Eerie Interlude Elemental Uprising Entomber Exarch Ezuri's Predation Faith's Shield Fascination Fated Intervention Firecannon Blast Flameborn Viron Forced Landing Forest Fraying Omnipotence Frostwind Invoker Fumigate Furious Reprisal Furnace Celebration Galvanic Alchemist Giant Solifuge Gloomwidow Goblin Chainwhirler Goblin Cratermaker Goblin Electromancer Goblin Gathering Goblin Gaveleer Goblin Rabblemaster Goblin Test Pilot Golden Guardian Gold-Forge Garrison Golgari Germination Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma Gravitational Shift Graypelt Hunter Grenzo, Havoc Raiser Grenzo's Cutthroat Grenzo's Ruffians Growth Cycle Gryff's Boon Harbinger of the Tides Havoc Sower Hellrider Hijack Hindervines Hound of Griselbrand Hour of Glory Howlpack Alpha Howlpack Wolf Hydra Omnivore Illusionist's Bracers
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