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Raging Minotaur Raging Spirit Rakavolver Rampant Growth Rebel Informer Reckless Charge Redeem the Lost Reef Shaman Righteous Cause Riptide Director Rising Waters Royal Trooper Rule of Law Rune of Protection: Artifacts Rune of Protection: Black Rune of Protection: Blue Rune of Protection: Green Rune of Protection: Lands Rune of Protection: Red Rune of Protection: White Samite Archer Savra, Queen of the Golgari Sengir Nosferatu Serra Avenger Shinen of Flight's Wings Shivan Wurm Sickening Dreams Skulking Fugitive Sneaky Homunculus Solitary Confinement Soothing Balm Sylvan Scrying Taunting Elf Teleportal Telling Time Thunderscape Master Time Stop Undying Rage Viashino Sandscout Vigorous Charge Viridian Shaman Vodalian Merchant Voidmage Prodigy Walker of Secret Ways Warping Wurm Withering Gaze Zariel, Archduke of Avernus Zur's Weirding
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