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Promise of Power Provoke Psychotic Fury Puppeteer Pyromancer Ascension Qasali Ambusher Rakdos Pit Dragon Rancor Raven Guild Master Refocus Catch // Release (Release) Restore the Peace Rhystic Shield Rishadan Airship Rite of Passage Roar of the Wurm Rotting Giant Rotwidow Pack Runaway Carriage Sacellum Archers Sages of the Anima Sand Squid Sandsower Sanguine Guard Sanitarium Skeleton Scathe Zombies Scion of the Wild Scrapskin Drake Scrivener Seizan, Perverter of Truth Sekki, Seasons' Guide Sengir Vampire Shattered Angel Shattergang Brothers Sheep token card Shivan Hellkite Shrouded Lore Silver Myr Sivvi's Ruse Skarrgan Firebird Skinthinner Sky Hussar Skyship Weatherlight Slaughter Pact Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer Snapping Gnarlid Soltari Trooper Sosuke's Summons Soul of Migration Soulbright Flamekin Soul's Might Soulscour Souvenir Snatcher Spawning Kraken Spell Rupture Sphinx of the Steel Wind Spirit Spirit Link Spiritmonger Splatter Thug Split-Tail Miko Squee's Revenge Stasis Cocoon Steadfastness Street Savvy Strider Harness Subterranean Shambler Surrakar Marauder Swamp Swarm of Rats Switcheroo Sword of Light and Shadow Symbiotic Deployment Synod Centurion Tahngarth, Talruum Hero Takenuma Bleeder Tandem Lookout Tariff Telim'Tor Telim'Tor's Darts Telim'Tor's Edict Thelon of Havenwood Thornbow Archer Thornling Thud Treacherous Vampire Triton Cavalry Typhoid Rats Uncontrollable Anger Undying Evil Unforge Unnatural Selection Upheaval Valakut Predator XXValor (Valor) Vampire Hounds Vampiric Link Vedalken Archmage Veteran Armorer Viashino Shanktail
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