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Artifact Creature — Juggernaut
Card Text:
Juggernaut attacks each turn if able.
Juggernaut can't be blocked by Walls.
Flavor Text:
We had taken refuge in a small cave, thinking the entrance was too narrow for it to follow. To our horror, its gigantic head smashed into the mountainside, ripping itself a new entrance.
5 / 3
All Sets:
Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon)Limited Edition Beta (Uncommon)Unlimited Edition (Uncommon)Revised Edition (Uncommon)Tenth Edition (Uncommon)Magic 2011 (Uncommon)Darksteel (Uncommon)Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret (Uncommon)Archenemy (Uncommon)Magic 2015 Core Set (Uncommon)Masters Edition IV (Uncommon)
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10/4/2004 An effect that says "can't be blocked except by Walls" doesn't override the text on the Juggernaut's ability. If Juggernaut is affected by such an effect, it can't be blocked.
10/4/2004 There is no penalty if for some reason the Juggernaut can't attack, but if it can attack, it must.
8/15/2010 If, during your declare attackers step, Juggernaut is tapped, is affected by a spell or ability that says it can't attack, or is affected by "summoning sickness," then it doesn't attack. If there's a cost associated with having Juggernaut attack, you aren't forced to pay that cost, so it doesn't have to attack in that case either.
8/15/2010 If there are multiple combat phases in a turn, Juggernaut must attack only in the first one in which it's able to.