Oath of Druids
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Oath of Druids
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At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player chooses target player who controls more creatures than he or she does and is his or her opponent. The first player may reveal cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals a creature card. If he or she does, that player puts that card onto the battlefield and all other cards revealed this way into his or her graveyard.
Mythic Rare
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Exodus (Rare)Vintage Masters (Mythic Rare)Tempest Remastered (Mythic Rare)Commander 2016 (Rare)
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10/1/2009 The ability can only target an opponent of the current player.
10/1/2009 The targeted player controlling more creatures than the current player is a part of the targeting requirement. A player can’t be targeted by this ability unless it’s true, and the ability will be countered on resolution if it’s no longer true at that time.