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Proposed flavor text at R&D: "Uh...my eyes are up HERE!"
Posted By: captain_cornpops (5/18/2011 3:57:32 PM)


Yeah, this card should 've been named Vampire's Boobs considering the art focus.

Nice combat trick for limited.

Posted By: Gavrilo (10/22/2010 5:38:58 AM)


Chainmail bikini policy aside, you've got to admit that dark-haired, scantily clad women look much better in black than they do in white (I'm at looking at you, Zendikar angels). Evil being sexy is much easier on my suspension of disbelief than angels taking flight wearing nothing but a thong and a bra.
Posted By: Azazyel (6/19/2010 2:49:49 PM)


Combined with infect and livewire lash, this is potentially very good in certain Post-Scars standard decks. That said, the art is sigh worthy. Not only is the vampire's mouth NOT the focus, but there's nothing there. She's biting NOTHING. In fact, she's not even biting nothing, because she's not biting AT ALL. She's at best growling, or maybe making some sort of moaning sound. While in a bikini. Yeah...
Posted By: darkshive (10/16/2010 4:14:28 PM)


Target creature or player is distracted by a pair of sexy vampire breasts and takes extra damage from combat.
Posted By: Semptimilius (7/18/2010 1:19:53 AM)


cast and kick on a double strike creature FTW
Posted By: Mindbend (6/30/2010 3:57:10 AM)


If the emphasis of the card is supposed to be the vampire's bite then why is the rest of her scantily clad body in the center of the picture?
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (10/3/2009 10:47:51 PM)


Anyone who calls this card sucky hasn't run a vampire deck. I started one recently, and I'm never disappointed to draw this card. With all the creature destruction in Black standard right now, this makes for an amazing swing at an opponent's life. Let's look at an example:

Opponent has two creatures on the field (we'll say they're white for this example).

You have a Vampire Nighthawk and a Guul Draz Vampire.

You play a death mark on one of his creatures and summon a kicked Gatekeeper of Malakir.

Both creatures are destroyed. With one more mana, you can kick your Vampire Nighthawk to a 5/3.

Swing: Opponent drops from 14 to 8(including Guul Draz) // You rise from 12 to 17.

I don't often play this card on a creature without lifelink, but it can come in handy. You can play this card on Guul Draz on turn two and swing for 4! It's a valuable card, and I run 4 of them. It's also an instant, so a creature like Gatekeeper of Malakir (who is sort of useless after he was played with his ki... (see all)
Posted By: StreamHopper (12/6/2009 9:18:52 PM)


A purely offensive Giant Growth that can be kicked to give lifelink... pretty decent. There are a host of vampires in Zendikar block to beat on the opponent with, and this is just one more piece of ammo to take out your opponent quickly.

Combos very well with Vampire Hexmage due to her first strike capabilities. Does a very nice job with Guul Draz Vampire if she's currently using evasion.

Practically any black creature will bennefit from a boost to damage.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/19/2010 12:38:29 PM)


3 words: Black infect deck. Oh yeah!
Posted By: Sironos (10/7/2010 9:29:37 AM)