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Jace is a Phyrexian Arena disguised as a mill card. He's an insane draw engine. He only costs three, and after the initial investment, you're drawing two cards a turn without any additional expenditure of mana. You're almost never going to care about the ultimate.
Posted By: mutantman (10/24/2009 3:00:17 PM)


Do not underestimate this guy.

If you're using him efficiently, it's not his ultimate ability that you care about- it's his two other abilities that enable him to be a sustainable draw engine.

People scoff at me when I tell them that I prefer him over his Mind Sculptor counterpart in my mono-blue control deck. However, what this Jace does upon hitting the board is much more impressive than the other. Just like Jace, the Mind Sculptor, he has 3 loyalty, which means he's every bit as concerned about an untimely encounter with a Lightning Bolt. Again, just like the Mind Sculptor, he has a +2 that you can use first to put him out of Bolt range. However, this Jace's +2 is much more useful than the other one's, giving you an extra card instead of Fateseal 1 (albeit at the cost of giving your opponent one too, but that's better than having Jace die immediately to a Lightning Bolt by trying to use his -1 right away).

The other thing that I really ... (see all)
Posted By: The_Trendkill (6/21/2010 6:02:39 PM)


@benlivinmusic, my guess is that you don't play very competitive magic. Yes, jace isn't a planeswalker if by planeswalker you mean a high cost permanent that takes several turns, hopes to not get destroyed, and just might get off its "ultimate" ability. Rather, he is a utility card, a permanent piece of card advantage. imagine a howling mine effect where instead of upkeep, you get to decide when you draw the extra card on your turn (but at sorcery speed). Also, your opponent only gets to draw their extra when you do, and only once every three times you do (-1, -1, +2, -1, -1, +2, etc.). For three mana, that is ridiculous. The only thing that makes jace not the most broken blue spell in standard is that the opponent can realize his importance, and try and get rid of him with attackers, burn, o-ring, etc.

Yes, he won't hit the board turn 4 like elspeth, pump out creatures and pump creatures for half a dozen turns, then make everything indestructible (what good is indestructibility when ... (see all)
Posted By: Grimn777 (11/16/2009 4:35:43 PM)


Jace is one of my favorite planeswalkers. Instead of Jace, The Mind Sculpter, you actually need to think about how to use him. He's kind of specialized but should you use him correctly, his ablities are actually really decent. For starters, his first two abilities guarentee that you will be drawing two or more cards every turn. The first ablity provides +2, which is more than most planeswalkers. Sure, it gives your opponent an extra card, but you also might get something you need. The second ablity is also really good. For only -1, you get to draw an extra card, giving you card advantage. That means you can use the +2 ablity once for every two times you use the -1 ablity. Lastly, we have the ultimate. The ultimate goes off at a hefty -10. But since Jace gets +2, it only takes 5 turns of being unharmed to get it off. If you're keeping him in a milling/control deck, the opponent's library should be already thin. Jace's ultimate is just the topping that you need.
Posted By: Deathknight32 (7/15/2010 8:28:12 PM)


he is favorite planeswalker and unlike most other planeswalkers your opponents are likely to let you get his loyalty points up and try to kill him around 7-11 mark before you can use his ultimate ability. if your deck is built right they shouldn't get the chance and you can finish them of using Bone dancer, Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni or another creature with a similar ability or you can build jace up again and again untill their dead (twice is usually enough).
Posted By: magicrocks18 (6/4/2010 3:49:00 PM)


Now that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is out this card just feels out-dated. The Mind Sculptor is much more fun and useful.
Posted By: opinionfailure (6/11/2010 12:35:28 PM)


He is going to be crazy with Consecrated Sphinx in MBs
Posted By: Demonic_Math_Tutor (1/19/2011 4:55:59 PM)


Aaaah, my first walker... good times :-)
Posted By: novasun (1/22/2011 12:23:36 AM)


At first when I got this guy, I wasn't too pleased. I thought to myself, "Of all the really good mythic rares and planeswalkers, I get this useless idiot??" I didn't put him in my blue/black deck either, I just kinda let him sit with all the other blue cards in my collection. I forgot about him for a while, until my brother called me up to tell me he got Elspeth Tirel in a booster pack. At the time, we didn't really have a good white deck, but we were so excited and overjoyed that we got another planeswalker that I made a white/blue control deck. I put in Elspeth, and when I was digging around looking for cards to add in, I came across this guy. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt just to throw him into this deck. I'll see how well he does." After that, when I play with that deck, I am always happy to get him out, and I love it when he's in my opening hand. The card draw he grants is amazing, and I rarely use his ultimate. Mostly it is as Eved said, -1,-1,+2. -1,-1,+... (see all)
Posted By: divine_exodus (1/23/2011 1:02:57 PM)


Before I leave my review, I feel the need to address some issues with previous comments.

1. Vulnerable Dragek? No more so than Garruk Wildspeaker or Ajani Vengeant; and neither of those planeswalkers are in the color of counterspells.

2. Really Iiory, did you even read the rules for planeswalkers? Not for seven rounds, until round seven. His first ability gives him +2 Loyalty which is more than many other planeswalkers can boast. Why are you so upset about giving your opponent a card? At the very worst it's card advantage neutral, but if you are playing Jace in the type of deck he was made for, then that is just one less card you have to shave off the top to win. Blue isn't dead, this is the spirit of blue, out-thinking less clever opponents.

3. PsionicFox, your math is slightly off. assuming you play Jace on turn 3, you cannot activate his third ability until turn 7, assuming that is that Jace hasn't come under fire. You also seem to have left out the primary strategy for which Ja... (see all)
Posted By: NoHighResGames (8/5/2009 1:32:10 PM)