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Insanely expensive, but it'd be fun to use, once you got it powered and going. 4 Locus or the Urza Lands would set this up nicely.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (2/14/2010 7:22:56 PM)


Knew a guy who made a U/W Highlander deck (60 cards, non-EDH, no proxies, no power) that included this card and Beacon Of Tomorrows for infinite turns. Got the mana for it with Tolarian Academy.
Posted By: Guest1101497866 (11/4/2010 8:14:26 PM)


Aaron's Random Card Comment of the Day #29, 11/4/10

The structure of this card is based on that of the oft-reprinted original card advantage machine Jayemdae Tome. Replace the 4’s with 6’s and change “draw” to “tutor” and there you have it.

As I designer, I like this card about a tenth as much as I like Jayemdae Tome. As designers, we strive to make sure the game has the right amount of variance in it; variance leads to replayability and it keeps the outcomes of individual games in doubt longer. Players, at least those whose primary goal is winning, strive to reduce the variance in the game as much as possible. Things like tutors, scry, and card drawing are used to make sure the same spells come up in essentially the same order--or at the very least at close to the right time--game after game. If a deck can consistently assemble a game-winning combo on turn two, players will do that over and over and over. Games like that get r... (see all)
Posted By: Aaron_Forsythe (11/4/2010 6:16:02 PM)


Possible Eldrazi Fetcher?
Posted By: PEVE_O (4/13/2010 4:29:19 AM)


Okay, I get it. Colorless tutoring is strong. But dang, just splash some black already and get one of the six black ones. 5 of which cost less than 4. And that search is for cards that literally had "Tutor" in the name.

Otherwise you could start counting Maralen of the Mornsong and her ilk.
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (5/16/2011 5:31:41 PM)


I love using this in response to whatever they throw at me (you need lots of mana) but nothing is cooler than ending your turn and waiting for them to cast a spell (look for a counter) attack me (look for a bounce) do nothing (search for my cool creature) it's not very feesable, but when you get it going it gets hilarious.
Posted By: face-fister (9/12/2011 6:16:22 PM)


Urzatron decks make this card an absolute powerhouse by turn 4 allowing you to fetch combo pieces or creatures

Both the CC and usage cost are high, which limits the decks it can be used in

Posted By: Paladin85 (9/12/2011 6:21:18 PM)


I remember this card. I owned it and put it in my beast deck back in the day. It has won me so many casual games.

And Aaron, this was a lot of fun to play with in my group. Our games were much slower then tournament games, because we were just starting out. And I only had 1 copy of this in my deck, but man was it my favorite card :D
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (1/9/2013 5:20:32 PM)