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Esper's best friend. I love when cards from a span of sets seem to all work together in such great harmony.
Posted By: niallcmurray86 (8/5/2010 9:57:34 PM)


Ridiculous mana acceleration, especially if you make him cast something that accelerates your mana further. One of my casual decks.
Posted By: CatsAreCthala (1/19/2010 3:35:00 PM)


I loved this card back in Mirrodin block, but sadly it was completely overshadowed by the glut of powerful cards, and Affinity. The artifacts were so powerful they didn't need any help from cards like this. I like to think that it would have made a lot of sense for this to be reprinted in the Scars of Mirrodin block alongside Grand Architect and the new beater, Myr Superion.
Posted By: surmem (6/2/2011 10:10:14 PM)


With the mana having to be the same color, I see this as a helper not to sunburst but to Cranial Plating and its less-borken cousins. I'm perfectly okay with this, but it's good that you learned your lesson from this card when you made Smokebraider, which is disproportionately high on my list of all-time favorite cards because of how it single-handedly makes the "Five-Color Red Elementals" deck viable.
Posted By: willpell (6/5/2011 5:10:14 AM)


I've always thought this card was Soldevi Machinist updated for colored artifacts... and Soldevi Machinist was himself a fixed Power Artifact.

I think it's amusing that one of Aaron's two instances of cards that let "colors carve off small but meaningful bits of larger mechanics and make them their own" have been colorshifted.

Fog has been functionally reprinted as Holy Day and Darkness.

Hail of Arrows is a better example when placed next to Rock Slide. White goes after the attackers, wherever they are, while Red can't quite reach the fliers but can take out blockers.
Posted By: maestrogrande (6/4/2011 1:33:15 PM)


Not only does it provide great mana accel for an artifact deck, it can have another great use to bring out the (multi)colored artifact cards from esper.
Posted By: Mode (8/9/2009 10:59:10 AM)


Aaron's Random Card Comment of the Day #18, 10/20/10

This card might seem weird to people. After all, where is “mana production” in blue’s slice of the color pie? It isn’t there, right? Maybe not. (I don’t have access to our current “official color pie” doçument right now—I’m at home—although I doubt it’s on there.)

Well, blue loves artifacts, right? Well, what does that allow it to get away with? Could a blue card say “Artifact creatures you control have haste and lifelink”? If blue loves artifacts, why not? Doesn’t haste or lifelink in blue make as much sense as mana production?

I don’t think so. I like this card. I like it when colors carve off small but meaningful bits of larger mechanics and make them their own. Fog makes sense in green, even though damage prevention is white. Hail of Arrows makes sense in white, even though direct damage is red. And Vedalken Engineer makes sense in blue (to me at least) even though mana pr... (see all)
Posted By: Aaron_Forsythe (10/20/2010 10:49:27 PM)


I actually love this card; one of the most underrated Mirrodin-block cards in my opinion.
Posted By: ratchet1215 (5/11/2009 8:01:23 PM)


this guy is pretty ridiculous for artifact decks
Posted By: mdakw576 (12/19/2009 7:23:02 PM)


Vedalken Are Sweet The Whatever Is Goin On In The Art Is Really Cool And Yeah Turn Three Tower Gargoyle Or Sphinx Summoner Goes Well In Esper
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (1/8/2011 6:03:44 PM)