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Abzan Charm Archetype of Aggression Awe for the Guilds Baffling End Benthic Infiltrator Besmirch Breaking // Entering (Breaking) Broodbirth Viper Cancel Coerced Confession Decree of Pain Desperate Sentry Dirgur Nemesis Domesticated Hydra Eldrazi Aggressor Encase in Ice Breaking // Entering (Entering) Felhide Spiritbinder Feral Invocation Festergloom Fiery Justice Flamewright From Beyond Generator Servant Grim Flayer Grusilda, Monster Masher Guttersnipe Hover Barrier Hunt the Weak Hydradoodle Illusionary Armor Inner Struggle Jeskai Charm Kiora's Dismissal Mantle of Webs Mardu Charm Mark for Death Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest Merciless Eternal Misdirection Nemesis of Mortals Nivix Barrier Oreskos Sun Guide Ornithopter Pick the Brain Predatory Sliver Psychic Strike Rage of Purphoros Ravenous Intruder Rollick of Abandon Ruination Guide Self-Inflicted Wound Sliver Construct Snake of the Golden Grove Sparkmage's Gambit Sultai Charm Sultai Emissary Swift Kick Temur Charm Throwing Knife Unnatural Endurance Volatile Chimera Volatile Rig Watercourser Winds of Rebuke