Cliffrunner Behemoth
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Community Rating: 3.414 / 5  (105 votes)
Card Name:
Cliffrunner Behemoth
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Creature — Rhino Beast
Card Text:
Cliffrunner Behemoth has haste as long as you control a red permanent.
Cliffrunner Behemoth has lifelink as long as you control a white permanent.
Flavor Text:
It's revered for its power, celebrated for its grace, and feared for the avalanches triggered by its thunderous feet.
5 / 3
Card Number:
2/1/2009 As long as at least one permanent you control is the specified color, the ability will “work” and grant this creature the bonus. Otherwise, it won’t have the bonus.
2/1/2009 Whether Cliffrunner Behemoth has haste matters only when attackers are declared. Once it’s been declared as an attacker, it doesn’t matter if it loses haste.
2/1/2009 Whether Cliffrunner Behemoth has lifelink matters only when it deals damage (that is, at the point when its combat damage resolves, or at the point when a spell or ability that causes it to deal damage resolves). For example, if your only white permanent is a creature that receives lethal damage at the same time Cliffrunner Behemoth deals damage, the lifelink ability will still apply and you’ll gain life.