Беспощадное Наказание
Беспощадное Наказание
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Remorseless Punishment
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Card Text:
Target opponent loses 5 life unless that player discards two cards or sacrifices a creature or planeswalker. Repeat this process once.
Flavor Text:
«В этом проклятом мире я прожил тысячу жизней, наполненных страданием. Для тебя у меня гораздо меньше времени, но, уверяю, ничуть не меньше боли».
— Об-Никсилис
Card Number:
1/22/2016 The player can’t choose to discard two cards unless they have at least two cards in hand. Similarly, that player can’t choose to sacrifice a creature or planeswalker unless they control one. This means that if the target opponent doesn’t have two cards in hand and doesn’t control a creature or planeswalker, that player will lose 5 life and then lose 5 life again.
1/22/2016 No player may take any actions between the two times the player goes through the process.
1/22/2016 Any abilities that trigger while Remorseless Punishment is resolving will be put on the stack after it has completely resolved.
4/8/2016 The same player chooses both times. In a multiplayer game, you can’t choose a different opponent to repeat the process.

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