Brüllender Aegisaurus
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Community Rating: 5 / 5  (0 votes)
Card Name:
Bellowing Aegisaur
Mana Cost:
Mana Value:
Creature — Dinosaur
Card Text:
Enrage — Whenever Bellowing Aegisaur is dealt damage, put a +1/+1 counter on each other creature you control.
Flavor Text:
Sein Kampfgebrüll ist furchteinflößend, doch die wahre Bedrohung kündigen die Schläge seines Schwanzes auf den Boden an, mit denen er die Herde zusammentrommelt.
3 / 5
All Sets:
Ixalan (Uncommon)
The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander (Uncommon)
Card Number:
9/29/2017 If another creature you control is dealt lethal damage at the same time that Bellowing Aegisaur is dealt damage, the other creature won't be saved by the +1/+1 counter that would have been put on it.
1/19/2018 If multiple sources deal damage to a creature with an enrage ability at the same time, most likely because multiple creatures blocked that creature, the enrage ability triggers only once.
1/19/2018 If lethal damage is dealt to a creature with an enrage ability, that ability triggers. The creature with that enrage ability leaves the battlefield before that ability resolves, so it won't be affected by the resolving ability.
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