Entirely Normal Armchair
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Card Name:
Entirely Normal Armchair
Card Text:
During your turn, if Entirely Normal Armchair is in your hand, you may hide it on the battlefield.
0: Return Entirely Normal Armchair to its owner's hand. Only any opponent may activate this ability and only if they see Entirely Normal Armchair.
2, Sacrifice Entirely Normal Armchair: Destroy target attacking creature.
League of Dastardly Doom
Card Number:
1/19/2018 Entirely Normal Armchair must be in your hand for you to hide it on the battlefield. You can’t sneak it onto the battlefield from outside the game or from your library or from anywhere else.
1/19/2018 It doesn’t have to be behind another card or item on the battlefield. In other words, you can hide it in plain sight. Easier to spot there though.
1/19/2018 Any opponent can activate the middle ability, but only if they can identify where it is, even if they can’t literally see it. You can’t cover it with your hand to stop them from activating the ability, for example.